Czech Republic

April 23, 2021

Fujifilm Europe presents the new “Harmony” version* of its AMULET Innovality mammography system

The “Harmony” version improves women’s comfort and diagnostic confidence**

Ogawa Eiji

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH is launching the new “Harmony” version of its AMULET Innovality mammography system. The “Harmony” version brings together improved diagnostic performance with new design themes to embellish and illuminate your mammography suite, creating an environment to put your patients at ease.

“The “Harmony” version of the AMULET Innovality mammography system improves the instruments that allow you to work on precision images combining Fujifilm’s advanced technologies, Dynamic Visualization II and Iterative Super Reconstruction, improving reading comfort and speed due to balanced image processing and display of all relevant details in one image ” said Eiji Ogawa, VP Modality Solutions, QA and RA FUJIFILM Europe GmbH “In addition, improved S-View offers a new synthetic 2D image that combines 3D power and 2D reading speed. These innovative features help the doctor’s diagnosis, aiming to make it more accurate and precise.”

The new Harmony version of its AMULET Innovality mammography system

With the Harmony version Fujifilm introduces a series of decorations that can be applied to the mammography unit and to the rooms where the examinations take place. The new designs are pleasant and lively, and are created to make the mammography examination less stressful, promoting greater relaxation and comfort.
The breast unit room can be transformed into a really welcome place where women can feel at ease, while waiting and during the exam.

The Harmony version will be launched on April 28th during the "Introduction to the “Harmony” version of the Fujifilm AMULET Innovality mammography system" webinar. On this occasion, Dr. Mechthild Schulze-Hagen, Moenchengladbach, Germany, will illustrate important clinical feedback and detailed information.


*  The “Harmony” version is version AWS V9.3 of Fujifilm’s AMULET Innovality mammography system
** The statements regarding improved diagnostic confidence and performance are made in comparison to previous versions of the AMULET Innovality mammography system

Luana Porfido,
European Head of Corporate Communication and Integration Chief