Pressure measurement film



Pressure measurement film  -Prescale-

This is the film that can measure pressure.
Pressure and pressure distribution, which could not be visually observed in the past, can now be easily confirmed.

Prescale allows you to easily measure pressure distribution and range. Created using Fujifilm's advanced thin film coating technologies, the pressure inspection sensor on the entirety of the film allows you to confirm pressure distribution of the entire surface at a glance. The color appears red where pressure is applied, and the color density varies according to the amount of pressure. To cover a wide pressure range (0.006 to 300 MPa), we supply nine types of Prescale.

Pressure measurement film  -Prescale Sheet type-

Prescale Sheets make pressure measurement more readily accessible.

Prescale Sheets are a version of Prescale that are pre-cut into easy-to-use sizes. It is recommended for first-time users and for small-scale applications. To cover a wide pressure range (0.2 to 300 MPa), we supply six types of Prescale Sheets.

Measure tire pressure

Measure the pressure distribution of cleaning polish against liquid crystal panels

Measure the pressure between cylinder heads and cylinder blocks

Product name/Model

Prescale (Two-sheet type/Mono-sheet type)


±10% or less (measured by a densitometer at 23°C, 65% RH)

Recommended temperature

20°C to 35°C*1

Recommended humidity

35% RH to 80% RH*2 *3

*1 Ultra extreme low pressure (5LW) / Extreme low pressure (4LW) / Super high pressure (HHS): 15°C–30°C
*2 Ultra extreme low pressure (5LW) / Extreme low pressure (4LW): 20% RH–75% RH
*3 Super high pressure (HHS): 35% RH–70% RH

<How to calculate pressure value (MPa)>

We supply nine types of Prescale and six types of Prescale Sheets for use depending on the pressure range.
Each product is made for a certain pressure range (MPa). Customers must confirm the pressure value of their application environment.

1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 ≒ 10.2 kgf/cm2

To obtain the pressure value, you need the mass (kg) or newtons (N), as well as the surface area (mm2 or cm2).
For instance, if 100 kg is applied on a 100 mm2 (1 cm2) surface, the calculation is 100 kgf/cm2.
Divide this value by 10.2. The formula is 100 kgf/cm2 / 10.2 = 9.8 MPa.

the masskgf÷the surface areacm2

Measurable pressure range[MPa] = 9.8 [MPa]1421.37 [PSI]

  • * W in the product codes indicates two-sheet type, S indicates mono-sheet type

FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile

The app that enables any user to quantify pressure and other analysis results with ease.

Prescale Mobile is a dedicated app that enables easy quantification of pressure by capturing the colored Prescale with mobile device. You can also register and inspection images against your own boundary sample.

  • Easily quantitative inspection
  • Improve inspection quality
  • Improve traceability

Please see the "Product page" for more detailed functions, specifications, usage, etc. of FUJIFILM Prescale Mobile.

Pressure distribution mapping system  FPD-8010E

Sharing detailed analyses and data is possible using the Pressure distribution mapping system.

The Pressure distribution mapping system FPD-8010E makes it possible to take color samples produced by pressure using Prescale and Prescale Sheets, and to perform various methods of analysis more precisely. By visualizing pressure and performing analysis on a PC, there would be a wide variety of potential applications—from designing and developing various products to improving production equipment and conducting maintenance.

Product name/Model



Dedicated software (CD-ROM), Dedicated cover, Calibration sheet, Installation manual

Main functions

Pressure analysis / Pressure data output function / Partial zoom function / Excess length synthesis function

Applicable scanner

Epson A4 Scanner: Perfection V37/V370 , Perfection V600

System requirements

OS :
Windows10 Home/Pro(32Bit/64Bit)
Windows11 Home/Pro(64Bit)
CPU : 2GHz or Higher 
Memory : 2GB or more
HDD : 32GB or more
Display : XGA or better, 65,000 colors or more

Please see the "Product page" for detailed information on functionality, usage, maintenance/repair service, etc. of FPD-8010E. You can also download trial versions and update to the latest version of the products from this web page.

You can download general brochure and other application information for Prescale.

  • General brochure
  • Applications for Smartphones and tablet computers industries
  • Applications for automobile industries
  • Applications for food and pharmaceutical industries

We are also accepting online request for the other information about application examples by usage or by industries, and free sample inquiries.