Stack of Metal Rods

Distribution Equipment

Chemical delivery systems designed to distribute the chemical from the bulk containers into refillable bubblers

Fujifilm’s Chemical Delivery System (CDS) was carefully designed to be easy to use, maintain, and to provide value to your process.

Being fully modular, our CDS solution can be uniquely tailored to address your specific process needs with minimum capital investment.

  • Ease of connection 
    • All facility connections on top
    • Only front access required
  • Ease of use 
    • Slide out scales for easy container exchange
    • Colored touch screen as user interface
    • Automated purge cycles
    • Continuous weight indication of available chemical
  • Increased safety 
    • Spill containment (200%)
    • Spill detection
    • Exhaust monitoring
  • Increased tool uptime 
    • No ‘bubbler’ exchanges

Product Summary

  • Chemical Delivery System 
    • Single container system – 5 outlets
    • Double container system – 10 outlets
  • VMB - Valve Manifold Box 
    • 1 inlet to 5 outlets
  • Refillable quartz bubblers
  • And custom engineering