Fujifilm FDR Go PLUS Delivers Exactly What Craigavon Hospital’s Busy Department Needs

March 11, 2020

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Craigavon Hospital’s Busy Department

Left to right: Gary Strain – Medical Imaging Product Specialist, SMC; Carl – Lead Radiographer; Shannen – Radiographer; Colette – Radiographer; Alex Morris – Business Development Associate, Fujifilm

Craigavon Area Hospital is a large teaching hospital in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.  Carl Marsh, Lead Radiographer, has been impressed with the benefits that the new mobile x-ray system has delivered to both his team and his patients.

“The Fujifilm FDR Go PLUS exceeds what is expected from a digital mobile” said Carl.  “With a counterweighted boom for visibility, easy manoeuvrability, reduced dose combined with greater image quality, and a user friendly interface – it’s exactly what a busy department needs to assist with patient care and workflow.”

“Our new mobile has a much faster start time which enables the staff to attend urgent portables quickly.  The easy to use interface means staff competencies and training are achieved swiftly.  The D-EVO II detectors are highly sensitive which means a lower dose to the patient with enhanced image quality, which in turn provides a greater chance to visualise fractures, medical lines, lung fields, etc.  These features combined with zero downtime in the first 8 months (to date) has improved the service which we provide to our patients and staff alike.”

“The personal service from the Fujifilm specialists are what a radiology service needs – they are informative, provide training, modify applications to our specifications and answered all questions and queries raised.  The tailored service and competitive pricing, combined with the benefits offered by the equipment itself, means I would recommend Fujifilm to other healthcare organisations.” Gary Strain from SMC, Fujifilm’s agent in Northern Ireland, said

“The fast start up on the FDR Go PLUS is achieved with SSD technology and is something which customers really like.  We have also found that they are very impressed with the reliability of Fujifilm’s systems and their focus on customer experience – the Fujifilm products are excellent but it’s the service that really sets them apart.”


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