QMS London Radiographers Benefit from Two New FDR Visionary Suite Rooms

February 4, 2020

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queen mary's sidcup

L to R: Back row: Iain Sims - Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm; Alex Morris - Business Development Associate, Fujifilm; Felicity Canning - Divisional Director of Operations, Women’s, Children’s and Radiology Division; Bradley Smith - Radiology Operational Lead; Front Row: Claire Selby – Reporting Radiographer; Beatrix Summerfield - RIS/PACS Manager; Amy Shaw – Senior Radiographer; Nicholas Key – Radiology Operational Lead

Queen Mary Hospital in Sidcup, London (QMS), part of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, have used Fujifilm CR for many years, so when the department needed two new DR rooms they included Fujifilm in their search for a provider that would meet their needs. In order to explore the market and understand what options were available they undertook a thorough assessment of four suppliers, and Fujifilm came out on top.

“Two of the four general x-ray rooms have been replaced at QMS” said Bradley Smith, Radiology Operational Lead at QMS. “We are very excited about our new FDR Visionary Suite rooms, not least because they embrace all the new technology and automation which will reduce MSK injuries to staff. The images are acquired much faster than with conventional CR, and the new rooms also use considerably less radiation dose for patients.”

The Visionary Suite combines advanced processing with sensitive D-EVO II detectors to deliver exceptionally low dose.

“Our patients not only benefit from reduced dose, but also from the fact that our radiographers now have more time to spend with them, ensuring quality time for assessment prior to undertaking examination. Overall the faster processing time has made a significant and positive impact on the patient experience.”

The FDR Visionary Suite offers a wide range of applications to support diagnosis, including long view image stitching, which is in operation in one of QMS’ new rooms. This technology allows full length images of spine or lower limb to be acquired by using multiple images captured in one sweep and then stitched together. Images are autocorrected to adjust for patient movement, and the examinations can be performed with the patient in either an upright or recumbent position.


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