Illumina LED UV


The new Illumina LED retrofit system converts any traditional UV or water-based flexo press to LED UV curing and delivers incredible productivity and cost-saving benefits.

Transform any flexo press with the Illumina LED Retrofit System by Fujifilm

Illumina is Fujifilm’s new, patented LED UV curing system, in combination with the company’s new high performance LED UV inks, that allows any traditional UV or water-based flexo press to be converted to LED UV curing to deliver far-reaching improvements to label production on a narrow web press.

These include huge increases to productivity, significant quality improvements, greater application versatility, cost and material savings, and a reduced impact not only on the working environment, but on the environment as a whole.

Improve the quality and versatility of production

Thanks to the much lower operating temperature of the Illumina LED UV curing system, productivity and quality improvements are significant. Not only can press speeds be increased, but job set up and make ready times are much lower. Add to that improvements to the reliability of production, with much lower press down time, productivity gains are significant. Quality also becomes more consistent as the impact of the heat from the UV lamps is removed, with better registration and less substrate stretching.

The most powerful LED UV curing system available

Illumina represents the most powerful LED UV curing system on the market, new or retrofit. Patented LED technology delivers up to 44% more energy towards the substrate, resulting in faster curing. The more efficient design of Illumina is proven to take full advantage of Fujifilm’s high performance LED ink system.

Faster LED curing results in faster production speeds

Faster LED curing means you can run at faster press speeds, and Illumina sets a new standard for flexo printing speed on standard paper and film stock. The retrofit is also fast and worry-free. The compact design of the lllumina system easily fits on most flexo presses at any width. Plus, Illumina’s compact housing can be mounted on any flexo press without adding an extra roller as required by other LED retrofit systems. 

Significant environmental benefits

The cool running LED UV curing system has significantly less impact on the environment, thanks to extensive energy and material savings, and allows the press operator’s working environment to also be improved. Once installed, it is therefore possible to promote the strong environmental benefits of the Illumina LED retrofit system to retailers and brand owners to differentiate yourself from the competition.