Company profile

Fujifilm is known worldwide for its photographic and graphic products. The company is also innovative in the fields of healthcare, high-quality functional materials and many other high-tech areas. With its experience and knowledge of photographic products, Fujifilm has also been able to expand into new markets.

In the 1980s, Fujifilm was established in Tilburg. Here, they have a large production facility for photo paper, membranes and cell culture media. They have expertise in the field of production, development and supply chain management. Two companies are established on the site in Tilburg, the production facility FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. and part of the European headquarters FUJIFILM Europe B.V.

Company name

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.  /  FUJIFILM Europe B.V. 


Albert van Maren  /  Peter Struik

Visiting Address

Oudenstaart 1, 5047 TK Tilburg
The Netherlands

Mail Address

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.
P.O. Box 90156
5000 LJ  Tilburg
The Netherlands 

P.O. Box 600 
5000 AP Tilburg
The Netherlands


+31 13 579 1911

Establish Date

August 25, 1982

Number of employees

617 - As of November 2023

Business Fields

Photographic paper, offset plates, membranes, cell culture media