FUJIFILM uses leading edge technologies to provide top-quality products and services. With our products we want to contribute to the advancement of technology and industry, as well as environment and human welfare.

The excellent quality and process control standards are a heritage from our photographic past. It enables us to adapt these high standards into a strong R&D framework for new technologies for the energy and healthcare market.

Anchored by a company culture of quality and customer service, FUJIFILM is determined to remain a leading company. We boldly take up the challenge of developing new products and creating new values for our customers and end-users to solve problems for society.

Located at FUJIFILM’s Manufacturing Europe plant the Research & Business Development Center Europe is working on these future innovations in the field of Membranes and Regenerative Medicine.

The Open Innovation Hub Europe is located in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Aside from Japan and the USA, this is the third Open Innovation Hub for FUJIFILM worldwide. In the hub we invite customers and business partners to find opportunities for valuable partnerships. Visitors to the hub will be taken on a trip through the evolution of FUJIFILM and become familiar with our new technologiesand innovative products.

The Open Innovation Hub is a place where people gather to discuss society and industrial challenges and get inspired to create or co-create innovative solutions. Solving needs is what makes our innovations truly create value. Now and in the future. Let's find a way to a better future together!

How to visit us

If you are interested in visiting the Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub Europe, you can contact us by sending an email to

Or visit our website: