Message from Leadership

FUJIFILM is in a transformation, from a producer of (photo)graphic products only to also Healthcare products and high quality functional materials. In Tilburg there are two FUJIFILM companies on one site. The Dutch part of the European headquarters, FUJIFILM Europe Netherlands and the production site for photo paper, offset plates and membranes. From Fujifilm Europe Netherlands we coordinate the European processes in the field of logistics, IT, finance, procurement and supply chain. An international environment in which close cooperation in Europe is very important.

In Tilburg we have expertise in production, R&D and supply chain management. This combination has enabled us to continuously improve our existing processes and innovate to new markets. Our employees are the main driving force behind our innovations. We are very proud of the commitment, cooperation and perseverance of our people.

Peter Struik
President FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. and Director FUJIFILM Europe Netherlands B.V.

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe is originally a manufacturing company focused on photographic products. In the meantime, we also use our many years of manufacturing experience in the development of new technologies. With our innovative technologies we focus on creating value for society. We have chosen to focus on societal problems and proactively look for innovative and sustainable solutions. We focus on the energy, environment and healthcare markets.

As an example, next to photo paper and offset plates, we also produce membranes for gas and water purification. In addition, there is a factory under construction where we will produce cell culture media for the pharmaceutical industry. These culture media are used, among other things, for the production of vaccines. The combination of a good infrastructure and expertise in high-quality technological processes made our site in Tilburg a good location for this new factory. We are proud to be able to open the doors of this new factory in 2021. Because of our high quality awareness and the innovative capacity of our employees, I am convinced that we will make this a success.

With our site, FUJIFILM's technologies and especially our passionate employees, we see more opportunities for the future in the fields of energy, environment and healthcare. Using our expertise in production and R&D, we can contribute even more to the challenges facing our society.

Albert van Maren
Vice-President FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.