CSR Activity

Sustainability is of great importance for a healthy future of Fujifilm. The company focuses on five areas of sustainable business operations.

  • Compliance with laws and legislation is the minimum form of corporate social responsibility. Fujifilm has the ISO 14001 certification.
  • Fujifilm is constantly working at even more sustainable production. The electricity of the production process operates on wind energy for 100%. Since 2011 we have installed five large wind turbines on the site. FUJIFILM generates energy with an afterburner. The waste streams of Fujifilm are recycled for 100%. Fujifilm also has a joint waste water treatment plant on its premises, where waste water is purified jointly with four neighbouring companies.
  • The products we currently produce are becoming increasingly sustainable. Less packaging material is used and less or no chemicals are needed when our printing plates are used by the customer.
  • The Tilburg Research Laboratory develops new sustainable technologies and products. For example, membranes for water purification or gas separation.
  • Sharing know-how and stimulating sustainability is an important point of interest. Fujifilm tackles sustainability issues together with companies in the region. Fujifilm is active as cycle ambassador. Next to this we play a visibly active role in the region by means of sponsoring.