Employees working for FUJIFILM

At FUJIFILM, our employees make the difference. Our colleagues are happy to tell you more about their work and working at FUJIFILM.

Mark van Diepstraten – Engineer


From the beginning of my career, I have been given opportunities to development my talents within Fuji. I did, however, have to go after those opportunities myself. I began as a technician and progressed quite quickly to senior technician. In my annual performance review, I was motivated to take a professional training course, facilitated by FUJIFILM. There were plenty of reasons not to do this, but I also decided not to pass up this opportunity. It was a busy, but instructive period. I completed the training course with honours but there was no function immediately available. I took on some projects on my own initiative and, within one year, was promoted to Production Engineer. The opportunities that FUJIFILM offers me, keeps me involved and enthusiastic.

Suzan van Dongen - Senior R&D Engineer


When I started at FUJIFILM Tilburg, this was, professionally, a bit of an unexpected choice for a biochemical scientist. Now I stand at the threshold of breakthroughs. In the medical field, FUJIFILM has made huge leaps. There is much common ground in the original profile of FUJIFILM and medical research. At the moment, I am working on the interaction of cells on the biomaterials we have developed. I’m not going to make any promises, but I foresee beautiful solutions. I am proud that I have been involved in this from the start.

Judith van Linden - Product manager


Thanks to the freedom within the organization, I can make choices, see opportunities and respond to new developments. Thus, autonomy might be the best way to characterize my work. Just like the rest of the company, I breathe innovation. I can do a great deal because FUJIFILM is an employer that looks ahead and, like me, thinks in possibilities. The wishes, and certainly the possibilities, from the market are always the guiding principle. I am involved with developments in the field of photographic paper. I am making it my personal mission to show the world that photographic paper is the more beautiful and more valuable option.

James Abalain - Senior Lead Technician


I know the company through and through. FUJIFILM Tilburg is carried by its employees. You can see that in everything. Sometimes, an extra effort is expected of you, but there is also something to be gained from it. Safety is of paramount importance. There are clear protocols for this. Everyone knows that accidents will happen and, therefore, we always try to make people aware of their own responsibility. I especially try to focus on the principle that colleagues must keep each other alert. I walk the area after each shift, if only to make sure that there isn’t anything on the floor. Risks are always there; it is up to us to make them as small as possible. My credo is: Safety first.

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