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Assignment: Optimisation of the mechanical cutting process

Fujifilm is an innovative and high-tech company and is known as the largest photography and imaging company in the world. We are also innovative in medicine, high quality materials and many other high-tech developments. Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V. is based in Tilburg and employs approximately 700 people.

The job will be held in the factory for offset plates. The plant employs 250 employees who coat and cut the product. This includes support departments.
The Technical department consists of 14 people who are responsible for technical support.

In the Finishing department, the master sheets, made of aluminium, are cut to customer size. The quality of the cutting and the tool life of the knives are of great importance.
We expect you to use FEM to create a theoretical cutting model and examine the optimum parameters.
You can think of cutting angles, force / deformation, effect of various types of paper (stiffness transitions) etc.
With this type of basic model it will then become easier to look for specific expertise for specific details.

You will be working day shift and we make use of flexible working hours. You will also receive a monthly trainee allowance in line with the market.

Does this assignment appeal to you? Then respond quickly and send us an email: based on "Optimisation of the mechanical cutting process".

February '21 to June'21

Mechanical - HBO/University