Internship Analytical Chemistry HBO

Assignment: Performance analyses with instrumental techniques

Fujifilm is an innovative and high-tech company and is known as the largest photography and imaging company in the world. We are also innovative in the field of medicine, high-performance materials (membranes) and many other high-tech developments. Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V. is located in Tilburg and employs around 800 people.

TRL stands for Tilburg Research Laboratory and is the Research & Development department within FUJIFILM Tilburg. TRL-ASD is the analytical-chemical department within Fuji. It employs 20 people. The department consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Chromatography (LC with UV, ELSD, triple detection and MS. (HS) GC with FID and MS)
  2. Elemental analyses (ICP-OES)
  3. Microscopy (with SEM, AFM & FT-IR among others) and particle size analysis (Laser diffraction)

The main tasks of the department are:

  • support of the R&D
  • support of production problems
  • support of market complaints
  • analysis of raw materials

In order to guarantee the high quality of Fuji products, a wide range of chemical analyses are carried out on the control of raw materials.

The assignment consists of 2 parts:

  1. Performing analyses using HPLC/UPLC/GC. The choice of technique depends on the workload at the time of the internship. After a thorough training period you will be able to independently prepare, perform and report the analyses.
  2. To investigate improving chromatographic analysis methods, if successful to apply these improved methods.

Given the nature of the work, competencies such as "flexibility" and "communicative skills" are real requirements, this will be discussed at the first meeting.

You will work in day shift and we use flexible working hours. You will also receive a monthly internship fee in line with the market.
Does this assignment appeal to you? Please respond quickly and send an email to: stating 'Performance of analyses with instrumental techniques'.

Start September 2021, subject to the Corona possibilities.

HBO Analytical Chemistry 3rd year