January 31, 2023

New location for the Fujifilm Academy

Attention to development of our employees



The Fujifilm Academy has moved to a new location on our premises. At Fujifilm, employees are the most important capital. We want employees to feel at home in our company and enjoy coming to work. This is why we provide good working conditions and focus on developing talent. We invest in training and offer everyone the chance to learn, discover new skills and apply them in their work. With this, we want to contribute to the motivation and enthusiasm of our employees to make them experience greater satisfaction in working at Fujifilm.

In addition to the possibility for Fujifilm employees to follow external training and coaching programs, we have our own internal Training and Education Center: the Fujifilm Academy. Various group training courses and exams are held here:

  • Desktop/office courses
  • Trainings for Safety and working conditions
  • First aid refreshment courses
  • Personal development workshops

Training in theory and practice

The Fujifilm Academy is a well-equipped training room for the above courses. We also offer practical training on our own premises. This can be a fire extinguisher training, our BHV following a training scenario in cooperation with the Fire Department Region Midden- en West-Brabant or for example a training for "Working and safety at height". We strive to get the best out of our employees and continue to invest in our future!