FUJIFILM donates Christmas parcels to Quiet Tilburg

January 11, 2021

The employees of Fujifilm in Tilburg can make yearly a choice to make a donation to a charity or to receive a Christmas package themselves. This year, the third year has been chosen to support the organisation of Quiet Tilburg.

Wesley Nooijens is part of the sponsorship team of Quiet Tilburg.

"The Quiet Community was founded by millionaire Mr Dirk Lips van De Beekse Bergen. Quiet members (members of the Voedselbank) receive a free offer about 8 times a year for something they have not been able to do for a very long time due to chronic poverty or they need it very badly. The offer is distributed fairly via an online platform, 400 companies from Tilburg offer free services and products (e.g. free dinners, cinema tickets, bicycle repairs, cake & coffee and much more). Quiet also makes its members more resilient and we try to stimulate their talents. The offer can be large or small; which suits the sponsor. The more sponsors, the more families we can help. There are now 1500, but in Tilburg there are about 5000 below the poverty line".

Quiet indicated to feel more for the tangible gifts instead of a financial contribution. On 18 December the parcels were collected in order to be distributed in time for Christmas.