News Release

November 24, 2022

Restructuring Fujifilm in Tilburg

Fujifilm will stop with the production of offset plates and certain research activities in Tilburg. It is expected to have a forced outflow for approximately 180 employees.

President Albert van Maren explained: "Today we informed our staff of the far-reaching decisions and the extent of the reorganization. We are of course doing our utmost to redeploy as many employees internally as possible or guide them from job to job."

Closure of offset plate factory

The offset plate plant will close late 2023. Global demand for offset plates is declining and raw material prices are high. As a result, Fujifilm has reviewed the strategy for its global plate facilities with a focus on what needs to be done to continue to serve and support its  customers worldwide. Factories in China and Japan will take over offset plate production from the Tilburg plant.

Research activities

Fujifilm has evaluated all R&D projects worldwide for feasibility. The research activities currently taking place in Tilburg will be partly stopped, and partly taken over by the European headquarters from April 2023. Product development of products manufactured in Tilburg will be retained in Tilburg.