Scale up membrane production at Fujifilm in Tilburg

June 9, 2022

Based on our long-standing experience in multi-layer coating and high-quality manufacturing processes, Fujifilm develops and produces unique membranes to filter specific gas molecules or types of ion. We are a membrane supplier and deliver the components to system builders and end users.

Ion exchange membranes

We produce ion exchange membranes which can be used in several electro separation technologies. As each technology has its own focus area and requirements (fresh water production, waste water concentration, energy generation or water softening), Fujifilm developed a membrane portfolio to suit its customers’ needs ranging from low electrical resistance membranes, broad pH range membranes to low water permeating membranes.  Our thin homogeneous anion and cation exchange membranes are based on innovative polymer technology.

Gas separation membranes

Also we produce spiral wound membrane elements for selective gas separation. These membrane elements contain semi-permeable polymeric membranes. Separation is based on difference in permeation speed between different gasses. Driving force for permeation is partial pressure difference over the membrane. Fujifilm membranes enable high permeation and permeation differences between gasses resulting in high flux and high selectivity.

Membrane production

Maurice Janssen, manager Contract Development and Manufacturing explains:

In our membrane production facility in Tilburg we, as a toll manufacturer,  have the knowledge and the capabilities to scale up your membrane production and produce them in large volumes. Fujifilm’s roll to roll coating lines:

  • Have a large speed range;
  • Are suitable for organic solvents;
  • Can handle different coating width.

Energy landscape and transition

Looking at the total energy landscape our membranes can contribute to the advancement of the gas and water industry as well as environmental protection and human welfare. For the energy transition world, we focus in particular on olefin/paraffin separation modules, hydrogen compression membrane coating and biogas separation modules.

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