Ten years of wind turbines at the Fujifilm site

September 23, 2021

100 percent wind energy

The wind turbines at Fujifilm have been on the grounds for ten years today. In September 2011, the five wind turbines generated the first electricity. At the time, the wind turbines supplied about 20% of Fujifilm's electricity demand. As of 2016, the decision was made to switch to 100% wind energy. Fujifilm also buys power from other wind farms for this purpose.

On the road to CO2-neutral production

Sustainability is of great importance for Fujifilm's healthy future. The company is constantly looking for more opportunities to become more sustainable, with the aim of achieving a CO2-neutral production facility.

Wind farm exists ten years - a few facts:

  • The most extreme 'wind' months took place in 2020 and 2021. The highest monthly production was in February 2020. Twice as much was generated then than average. The month with the least production was June 2021. Only one third of the monthly average.
  • 100% of the electricity of our production process is generated by wind power.
  • This was the first wind farm in the municipality of Tilburg.
  • For Fujifilm, the windmills were an important step towards CO2-neutral production.
  • The five wind turbines on our site have generated almost 200 million kWh in the past ten years.
  • In addition to wind turbines, we have also have a waste water treatment plant on our site for five years now, where we purify the water together with neighboring companies. Read more about the water purification installation.
  • We continue to work on the (sustainable) road with the aim of achieving a CO2-neutral production facility!