October 27, 2022

Zero waste at Fujifilm

As far as we are concerned, when you strive as a company to do business as sustainably as possible, Zero waste is a must! Reusing and recycling is the standard at Fujifilm.

Total Waste Management

Starting in 2009, all waste streams have been assigned to one party. We have placed our Total Waste Program with PreZero. What does this mean in practice? Jos: "PreZero is our advisor, service provider and partner in the disposal and coordination of all waste and raw materials. That's a lot for our large production site, we're talking about over 560 different furnished waste streams." 
In this partnership, we work together on issues in our waste policy and the best suited solution for each situation. Then it's about the biggest waste streams from the production process: aluminum and silver-containing paper but also about waste separation in the factories and offices. How can we improve our waste processes and make them more efficient? Daan de Wijs, in-house waste coordinator at PreZero explains, "For processing full containers of waste, we have developed a QR code scan. Transports are automatically reported via the QR code and therefore quickly processed in our system, which brings a lot of efficiency to the process for both parties."

Plans for the future

Jos explains: "Every year we look at our current and new waste streams. What processes can we improve and what opportunities do we see to stay high on that ladder?" These are a few examples from the list of topics scheduled to be explored and developed:

  • Recycling Fujifilm (disposable) clothing into new products
  • Reusing wooden pallets more efficiently
  • Disposing of aluminum sulfate through our own water treatment plant to save transportation costs
  • Recycling glass-reinforced, polyester cores

We always keep the Fujifilm slogan "Never Stop innovating for a healthier world" in mind. We will never stop striving for more sustainable processing of our waste streams.