Cell culture media (2021)

At the end of 2021 FUJIFILM opens a factory for cell culture media in Tilburg. Cell culture media are used in the biopharmaceutical industry and serve as food for the cells used to make medicines or vaccines. FUJIFILM currently has production facilities for cell culture media in the United States and Japan. There was a need to expand with a third production facility in Europe and this is now being built on the site of Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V. in Tilburg. The plant will be located in the former photo roll factory. The products, in liquid and solid form, are produced according to the requirements of the ISO 13485 quality assurance system, which is used for the production of medical devices.

From photo rolls to cell culture media

It seems like a big step from photographic products to cell culture media, but there are many similarities. Quality is very important for both products. There is a lot of expertise in accurately weighing, mixing and dissolving substances. There is also knowledge and experience in the field of Life Science Manufacturing. For example, FUJIFILM developed a recombinant peptide for medical applications, as an alternative to animal materials.

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