Cell culture media 

Expansion in Healthcare

At the end of 2021, FUJIFILM will open a new Life Science Manufacturing factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In this factory, cell culture media will be produced. Cell culture media are used in the biopharmaceutical industry and serve as a nutrient for cells when making drugs or vaccines (e.g. COVID), this biopharmaceutical market is growing at high speed. FUJIFILM is constantly expanding its activities in the field of preventive healthcare and treatment. 

European Life Science Manufacturing Facility (2021)

In addition to the FUJIFILM Irvine Scientific production facilities for cell culture media in the United States and Japan, there was a need to expand with a third production facility in Europe. On the premises of FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. in Tilburg, this Life Science Manufacturing plant has been built in the former photo film factory. The construction work has been completed and currently the validation of the installations and equipment is in full swing. It is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2021 with production taking place in clean rooms under strict quality requirements and under the ISO 13485 quality system.

Expertise, facilities and good infrastructure

The production of cell culture media is a complex technological process. FUJIFILM in Tilburg has this production expertise, the facilities and a good infrastructure towards the European market. We are also prepared for the growing market demand with room for future expansion in our Life Science Manufacturing environment.

FUJIFILM Life Science Manufacturing construction

From photographic rolls to cell culture media

It seems like a big step from photographic products to cell culture media, but there are many similarities. Quality is very important for both products. In Tilburg we have a lot of expertise in the area of accurately weighing, mixing and dissolving substances. We also have knowledge and experience in the field of Life Science Manufacturing. For example, FUJIFILM developed a recombinant peptide for medical applications, as an alternative to animal materials.

Our cell culture media are "animal component free", i.e. without animal or human ingredients and are used by Fujifilm Irvine Scientific's customers for growing cells on Petri dishes or in bioreactors. The new plant produces cell culture media powder mixtures, cell culture media solutions and Water For Injection (WFI).

Sustainable Manufacturing

The new Life Science Manufacturing facility fits within Fujifilm's Sustainability Value Plan 2030 for sustainable growth. Fujifilm's strategy focuses on climate change, energy issues and promoting resource reuse. For our new facility, this means specifically:

  • We are working toward a carbon-neutral facility
  • Reducing the amount of water used during production
  • Running 100% of the production process's electricity on wind power