Photo Paper

Our photographic paper is used throughout the photo imaging sector globally, our customer ranges from local print shops, professional labs and large development centers which have a strong focus at online business.

With our photographic paper you can create several applications such as prints, posters, calendars and photo albums. FUJIFILM also produces larger format rolls of paper for use in the graphics industry, such as are used for billboards or professional exhibition market.

Here too, innovation is key. FUJIFILM applies its many years of knowledge and experience to interesting new product developments, such as photo paper that mimics the appearance of canvas or velvet.

From our roots as a photographic film manufacturer, the company has steadily pursued innovative solutions – with the result that Fujifilm’s silver halide paper products still lead the market, delivering original Fujicolor quality.

Professional Paper - Maxima

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching the senses. The new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper - Maxima touches the heart and leaves the viewer changed for having seen it, with its mesmerising deep blacks, saturated colours and fascinating shadow details. We know that there’s a great desire for an enhanced professional product on the market. We listened, acted and fulfilled these demands. The result is a photo paper with an exceptional increase in image permanence, one designed for consistency and outstanding longevity of image, colour and look. It’s the ideal photo paper for exhibitions and gallery settings.

Album paper - XS

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper XS is especially designed to experience high quality photo albums on super thin paper. This paper with it's optimally designed thickness delivers the expected enhanced colour reproduction, white purity and excellent image stability with the deepest black density.

FUJIFILM Pearl Paper

This photo paper has a mother-of-pearl effect, which affords a very luxurious look. Pearl paper is particularly well suited to commercial photography, professional portraits, and fashion photography.

In the factory, a coating is applied to giant rolls of paper up to 6,000 m long. The coating is light sensitive, so the lights are dimmed, but our focus remains sharp. Once the coating is applied, the rolls are cut into smaller rolls, packed into lightproof packaging, and distributed. Read all about our photo paper at Before printing photos, don't forget to check out Fuji Print - Fuji Print.