Photo Paper

Our photographic paper is used throughout the photo imaging sector globally, our customer ranges from local print shops, professional labs and large development centers which have a strong focus at online business.

Fujifilm photographic paper can be used for several applications such as prints, posters, calendars and photo albums. We also produce larger format rolls of paper for use in the graphics industry, such as are used for billboards or professional exhibition market.

Here too, innovation is key. Fujifilm applies its many years of knowledge and experience to interesting new product developments, such as photo paper that mimics the appearance of canvas or velvet.

From our roots as a photographic film manufacturer, the company has steadily pursued innovative solutions – with the result that Fujifilm’s silver halide paper products still lead the market, delivering original Fujicolor quality.

More Product Information

In the factory, a coating is applied to giant rolls of paper up to 6,000 m long. The coating is light sensitive, so the lights are dimmed, but our focus remains sharp. Once the coating is applied, the rolls are cut into smaller rolls, packed into lightproof packaging, and distributed. Read all about our photo paper at Before printing photos, don't forget to check out Fuji Print - Fuji Print.

Inkjet paper

In addition to silver halide photo paper, we have been producing inkjet paper in Tilburg since 2023. In this video you can see more about this production process