Recombinant Peptide

The Life Science section has developed a recombinant peptide for healthcare applications as synthetic alternative for animal sourced material. The development is based on many years of experience with gelatine in silver-halide photographic products.

This biomaterial is produced in a biotechnological process and is commercially on the market under the name CellnestTM. CellnestTM recombinant peptide is an animal free matrix, based on human collagen type I and enriched with extra RGD groups to enhance cell adhesion. Because of its chemically-defined composition, cell adhesive characteristics, and its highly reproducible quality, CellnestTM is particularly suitable to use in cell culturing or in regenerative medicines, for example bone regeneration.

To achieve the optimal 3D matrix-cell conformation, CellnestTM can be produced in various forms, such as injectable microcarriers, porous sponges, or in hydrogel (in development).