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What The Promise of Change means for your business

As your partner, we can explain how the right technology can radically improve service delivery, with solutions that are designed to be easy to use, whoever is using them. Working together, we can help support better Aged Care outcomes and turn the current sector reform into an opportunity to change how care is administered. We have a host of solutions to help you navigate government compliance and bring the Promise of Change to your residents, staff and your bottom line.

Let’s work together on improving outcomes that matter to you

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A. We can help you streamline digital and print-based marketing campaigns.

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A. We can help you automate admin tasks, digitise paper-based processes and integrate your data across systems.

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A. We can help you personalise care and experiences by having their personal data at your fingertips — on all devices.

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A. We can help you automate repetitive admin tasks, digitise paper-based processes and make the most of IT and printer usage.

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We’ll help you turn the new regulations into new opportunities

Our new Report and Use Cases contain lots of useful advice for how the Aged Care industry can become compliant with the Royal Commission, while making proactive and profitable changes to how you care.

Aged Care Report An Industry Transformation: How Technology can lead the improvement in Aged Care

Read our report on the impact of COVID-19, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and other forces for change in the sector to enable better, personalised care at scale through the informed use of technology. 

Download the report
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Change in Action: How technology can make immediate improvements to Aged Care

Find out how you can get started and get the value from technology in a variety of specific areas of your business.              

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Success Stories: Examples of how technology can bring positive change to Aged Care.

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, we have experience in implementing technological solutions that can make immediate improvements to how care is administered and managed — here are three customer success stories. With the right approach, issues around quality of care, data management and overall efficiency within Aged Care can all be solved in an integrated manner that gets providers working smarter rather than harder.

Read our customer success story to discover how an Aged Care provider went from an aging disparate print fleet that was hard to manage, to an upgraded and optimised fleet with a managed service solution.

Download the success story

Read our customer success story to discover how an Aged Care provider went from a Managed Print Service customer to a single contract with ‘Follow Me’ print and workflow automation.

Download the success story

Read our customer success story to discover how an Aged Care provider went from a decentralised multivendor approach to a consolidated standardised fleet print management solution.

Download the success story

Views on Aged Care
Positive Change 

Blog: How can technology providers be better partners for the Aged Care sector?

Better patient experiences through technology can be something Aged Care Providers achieve rather than simply aspire to. Our blog looks at some of the practical steps.

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better technology blog 

Blog: Making positive change to Aged Care through Technology.

Research shows many Aged Care providers lack the ability to integrate data that could improve care find out what this means, and how the sector can respond to the challenge in our latest blog.

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Blog: 5 Ways to Enhance Visitor Management Process.

The right solution can help you manage the health, safety, and compliance of on-site visitors, residents, staff, and contractors within your Aged Care facility.

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Blog: How do you balance the emotional wellbeing of residents without putting them at risk?

How do you balance the emotional wellbeing and safety of residents, and meet the national Aged Care visitation guidelines? Learn how a digital visitor management solution can help keep residents safe and sites compliant.

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Visitor Management automation.

Help keep your residents and staff safe and your facility secure and compliant.

Visitor Management for Aged Care
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Let’s collaborate on a relevant challenge

While the new quality standards reflect significant improvements to the level of care and services for residents, they also impact Aged Care providers with tighter regulatory controls and higher operational and compliance costs.

We are currently conducting a research / co-design project to discuss new information requirements, processes involved and supporting systems for each standard; to uncover opportunities to significantly reduce costs or improve productivity.

*DX Technologies Examples: Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Workflow Automation, Enterprise Content Management.

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