Ethics and Integrity

ethics and integrity

Ethics and Compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance Concept 

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, we fully comply with the local governing laws and carry out our business activities in a fair and honest manner of which is deeply rooted within our basic values. All FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia’s staff along with our external affiliates & partners strive to continue to work in a manner that maintains a strong corporate ethic and compliance framework and ensure fair business operations at all times.

Our Ethics and Compliance Principles

  1. We do not get involved in any action that is questionable from an ethics and compliance perspectives
  2. We admit violations and deviations from norms or errors and promptly take corrective and preventive action where required and necessary
  3. Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, authorities, and the information route within our organisation for effective ethics and compliance practice
  4. Conduct adequate and continuous training to all our employees and carry out fair evaluation on a regular basis
  5. Conduct appropriate self-audit within the organisation every year based on our management policy and guidelines
  6. Allocate adequate resources to ensure that ethics and compliance-related activities are constantly carried out as a priority in our way of doing business