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Welcome to the Term 3 FUJIFILM Business Innovation Education Newsletter.

In this issue of our quarterly education newsletter we are focusing on the part technology can play in the physical or digital classroom. Learn about how to reduce the burden of administering paper exams, effective communication while remote learning, how to choose the best printer for your school and more.

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1. How to reduce the burden of administering paper exams

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Online exams have been a talking point for many years, however paper and pen exams are still the format of choice for many reasons. Click here to read our blog and discover practical steps your school can take now to reduce the cost and burden of printing paper exams.

2. Effective communication between parents, teachers and students while remote learning

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Remote learning has forced schools to accelerate their digital transformations. There is no one-size fits all approach to remote learning, but we believe communication is key. Does your school have the tools to communicate effectively? Click here to read our blog and learn more.

3. 3 tips on buying the best printer for your school

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If paper is the lifeblood of your school, your printer is the heart. Keep your student body engaged and your education faculty happy with our 3 tips on choosing the best printer for your school. Click here to learn more. 

4. How to effectively clean your FUJIFILM Business Innovation device and other information

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We recommend cleaning your Printer or Multifunction device daily. Click here for tips on how to effectively clean our devices.

To view our response to COVID-19 please click here

5. Automated Workflows: equipping for the immediate, planning for the future

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Implementing workflow automation may seem like a momentous task, but with the right expertise businesses (including education institutions) can quickly and easily implement workflow automation software and reap the rewards. Click here to learn more.

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