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Welcome to the Term 1 FUJIFILM Business Innovation Education Newsletter.

In this issue of our quarterly education newsletter we are focusing on partnership and how we can partner with your school to provide a broad range of end-to end solutions that meet your needs. Learn about our name change, the benefits of digitising your records, how to keep your school records safe from natural disasters and other vulnerabilities, and more.


Keeping school records safe from a natural disaster

Keeping school records safe from a natural disaster

Following the bushfires that occurred in early 2020 which resulted in many school buildings being destroyed, lost along with them were hardcopy documents that were being stored on premises in line with mandated record storage obligations. Many of these records had not been digitised, with historic information on past and present students being lost forever. The risk of losing documents in a natural disaster provide a compelling case for turning these hardcopy documents into digital ones. Click here to learn more.

Protect and transform student record-keeping through digitisation

Protect and transform student record keeping through digitisation

Paper still dominates many school administration departments. From old student records to enrolment documentation, paper leads to one obvious problem: storage. This volume of paper can be particularly problematic for schools already spending on external storage space. Click here to learn more.

How many trees has PaperCut saved?

How many trees has PaperCut saved First published on the PaperCut blog

One of our print management solution partners PaperCut ask themselves “How many trees have we actually saved?” in a recent blog. Like PaperCut, we have a long-standing, recognised commitment to Sustainability. Click here to read the blog and learn more about how paper is made, how many pieces of paper does a tree produce and how print management software saves trees.

Design & Digital Communications Services

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We understand the importance of your school brand – it’s the face of your school. FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been providing graphic design services to schools across Australia for over 15 years. Large or small projects we’d love to help. Click here to learn more.

How to effectively clean your FUJIFILM Business Innovation device and other information

Cleaning Devices

We recommend cleaning your Printer or Multifunction device daily. Click here for tips on how to effectively clean our devices.

To view our response to COVID-19 please click here.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Name Change Notification

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia will change its name to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Pty Ltd as of April 1, 2021. This is because we will conduct our business as a Fujifilm company and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Co., Ltd. in Japan, our parent company, determined not to renew its Technology Agreement with Xerox Corporation which grants us to use FUJIFILM Business Innovation brand on expiration date of current agreement, March 31, 2021.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation and Xerox Corporation have a history of benefiting from the shared use of technologies each company independently developed. As such, FUJIFILM Business Innovation is well positioned to continue developing and manufacturing its original products using its own, unique technologies after the expiration of the Technology Agreement with Xerox Corporation.

This is an exciting time in our proud history of delivering leading innovation in document-related solutions, services and technologies to Australian customers. We will continue to provide market leading print technology. This name change and rebranding of our company signifies the next step in our continual evolution as we innovate with the other companies in the Fujifilm Group by accelerating the market introduction of solutions and services that build on technologies related to the cloud, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

We look forward to bringing you these exciting new technologies as together we evolve.

Should you have any questions regarding any of this information, please call us on 13 14 12 or speak with your FUJIFILM Business Innovation Account Manager or Representative.

To learn about this change you can view our corporate press release here.

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