Education Newsletter FY21Term3

Welcome to the Term 3 FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Education Newsletter.

In this issue of our quarterly education newsletter we are focusing on business transformation and workflow automation, and how we can help you transform your processes to better serve your staff and students. Learn about how transforming your accounts payable workflow can improve employee experience, along with communication success stories from Australian schools and more.

Fujifilm Business Innovation


This is the promise of change

We’ve changed our name. By bringing you cutting edge cloud technology and automating everyday workflows you can fit work around life. Fuji Xerox Australia is now FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia.


Improve the employee experience by transforming accounts payable

Accounts Payable

When talking to schools and reviewing research around staff experience, common themes appear. Staff are time poor and are dealing with an increasing administrative load. Accounts payable is only one of many processes that could be digitalised to improve employee experience. Click here to learn more.

Customer Success Stories: Our Services, built for your school

FujiFilm Services

For over 40 years we’ve been working with schools across Australia to help them achieve their goals. Read how we have helped other schools like yours meet their document and communications objectives. Click here to learn more.

Too much information, too little time

Melbourne Football Club

You have 200 hours of high-definition footage, groups in various locations needing access, and a solution that's simple to use from anywhere. What would you do? Well, the Melbourne Football Club went to the Cloud. Click here to learn more.

Modernising your enrolment process

Modernising your enrolment process thumbnail Enrolment is the first step on the student journey, building a foundation for future communications. With focused automation, schools can enhance the efficiency of not just enrolment – but the whole back office function. Click here to learn more. 

How to effectively clean your printing device

Cleaning Devices

We recommend cleaning your Printer or Multifunction device daily. Click here for tips on how to effectively clean our devices.


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