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Welcome to the Term 1 FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Education Newsletter.

In this issue of our quarterly newsletter we are focusing on how 3D printing solutions can bring learning to life - sparking new opportunities for hands-on learning and tangible results for STEAM, while encouraging design thinking skills to rapidly prototype and test ideas.

Fujifilm Business Innovation

Building a winning business case for 3D printing

As an educator and champion of STEAM in your school, you already understand the value of regularly exposing students to emerging technology. You work every day to build robust, almost intuitive technological skills that your graduates will use in their careers. But physically getting that equipment into daily use in your classroom or faculty is the first step. We understand. And we’re here to help. Here’s our tips to help you build a business case for 3D printers. Click here to learn more.

Case Study: Primary and Secondary Schools get results with 3D Printing

3D Printers provide great lessons in creativity and resilience. Technology mainstreaming resulted in surprising creativity and critical design-thinking techniques. One educator said, “we’d seen first-hand the ease of use and knew they were ready to go right out of the box —a must for us to successfully roll out across grade levels.” Click here to learn more.

Whitepaper: Enhancing school education with project-based learning and 3D printing

Discover research, insights and tips on the different types of tools that can be used to enable project-based learning and how other learning institutions are using them to teach creativity and resilience. "It's incredibly powerful to see kids print something multiple times before it works, taking the time to understand what adjustments to make and not giving up," said one educator. Click here to learn more.

Remote Print Centre Services

Our remote Print Centre Services have been designed to cater for all your print requirements - as and when you need them. Where your floor space is at a premium, our offsite facilities are equipped with an extensive range of print devices, finishing equipment, paper stocks, and over 40 years of experience. Click here to learn more.

How to effectively clean your printing device

We recommend cleaning your Printer or Multifunction device daily. Click here for tips on how to effectively clean our devices.

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