Hello, PrintSync Perth customers

We are pleased to announce our operations are merging in your area to enhance our level of service to you. This new structure will ensure we can strengthen the support we can provide and ensure you have access to a more diverse range of services.

Fujifilm Business Innovation

  • Firstly, nothing changes in terms of our commitment to you. We will continue to supply, service and maintain your equipment, software and solutions as we do today.
  • Moving forward your service will be managed by the team at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Perth (formally Fuji Xerox Australia)
  • Our ABN and ACN numbers are not changing so there is no change to our contract with you and we will continue to deliver all products, services and support for the duration of our agreement.
  • For service requests, technical support and consumables, continue to contact us as you do today. The customer care team will book in your request directly with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia team. For more information see “How do I request service, support or consumables?” below.
  • To make it easier for you, we have now introduced a new phone number for your area. Moving forward, please contact our customer care team on (08) 6399 0199. 

Although this integration may introduce a few new names, you will also continue to see some PrintSync faces as they move to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia – including some of your account managers and technicians. Former PrintSync CEO Sean Tilbrook will also be continuing with us as WA Regional Manager. This not only will ensure a smoother transition for you and your business but will also enable us to increase our service and support footprint.

For service requests, technical support and consumables, continue to contact us as you do today on.

  • For email requests: service@printsync.com.au
  • For phone requests: (08) 6399 0199
    Please note, this is a new central number for your convenience. All numbers will now redirect to the above.
  • For pick-ups:
    FUJFILM Business Innovation Australia, Level 1, 1 Campbell Street, West Perth
Over the coming weeks, the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia team will be in contact to get to know you, your business and understand your future needs. The team look forward to meeting each of you and working together to provide the highest level of service and solutions possible.

If you have any questions or concerns during this period, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on info@csg.com.au

In April, Fuji Xerox Australia renamed to FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia. The new corporate name represents our commitment as part of the Fujifilm Group―which promotes “Value from Innovation” as its corporate slogan―to expand into a wide range of business areas going forward and to always continue delivering business innovations.

Under our new corporate name, we plan to bring market revolutionary hardware and services the like of which have not been seen before. As a group, we will be moving forward market launches of solutions and services that leverage the cloud, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, strengthen our business in document management and adjacent fields, as well as to expand our business in new sectors. All of this to ensure we can continue to deliver the innovation you need to succeed.

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