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Delivering engaging communications across multiple channels including print, email, web, mobile and video creates a more engaging and interactive experience for customers and gets messages noticed. XMPie solutions make it possible to simultaneously develop and execute multi-touch, multichannel communications while adding rich media to increase value and impact.  

Campaign Management

Plan, visualize, collaborate and run automated multichannel campaigns

Better communication, collaboration and automation on 1:1 multichannel campaigns means better efficiency, faster time to market, and ultimately, smoother delivery. XMPie Circle is a revolutionary cloud-based interactive, digital storyboard used to help visualise and plan, automate and track cross-media campaigns. With Circle, service providers, agencies and clients can collaboratively sketch, view, plan, build and discuss 1:1 multichannel communications campaigns.

Cross Media

Personalized communication across multiple channels can significantly increase the return on marketing investments

Cross-media marketing is when targeted, relevant communications are delivered across multiple media channels. The ultimate in 1:1 cross-media marketing is when each organisation within your business has two-way personalised dialogues with each and every customer through the medium of their choice.

As you learn more about your customers and reflect that information throughout your communications to them across a variety of media, you can transform that relationship into a much more loyal and strategic one.  XMPie offers powerful cross-media marketing solutions spanning print, web, email, social and mobile communications and serves a wide variety of customer requirements. 

Dynamic Print

Increase ROI through targeted relevant communications using variable data printing

The value of print as a driving media for acquiring leads and reaching customers has never been stronger. Variable Data Print (VDP) automates the production of personalised and relevant print communications that motivate recipients to respond. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales or bolster customer loyalty, a growing number of service providers and enterprises today understand the unique power of dynamic print within the realm of 1:1 marketing. As the tactile media in an increasingly online world, print and direct mail are unique in their ability to convey messages with impact and style.

Marketing Portals

Expand into new markets, offer new products and services, simplify ordering processes, and increase productivity.

 Stay ahead of the competition by giving your clients access to online storefronts and marketing portals 24/7. Put the power of personalisation in the hands of your customers!  Web-to-Print or Marketing Portals can bring your VDP or cross media marketing operation to the Internet. Marketing Portals are online, e-commerce marketing centers that can enable everything from ordering static documents, to personalizing print, to customising an email blast, to launching a targeted cross-media campaign- all the products and services your customers are asking for.

Key Benefits

  • Bring relevancy to your marketing by leveraging variable data to tailor messages for each recipient

  • Expand your reach with one to one marketing campaigns that span print, email, Web, and mobile

  • Use variable data in images, graphics, video and messages to grab and hold your target's attention

  • Create campaigns with built-in response tracking tools and adjust messaging, offers, and more, on-the-fly

  • Build a Web store-front that allows you to offer personalised documents and e-mail campaigns

  • Build a modular and scalable one to one software solution with XMPie products to fit your precise needs

  • Maximise your solution with resources like templates from the XMPie Marketplace and user forums in the XMPie Users Group


XMPie Creative Tools

Variable Data Print (VDP)
XMPie uDirect Classic and uDirect Studio products leverage the industry-standard Adobe platform for limitless creativity and flexibility. By starting with a simple data source like a Microsoft Excel file, and a static document created with Adobe InDesign,  you can design and deploy highly-creative variable data pieces.  For higher volume VDP requirements, it’s easy to seamlessly upgrade to any XMPie server-based solution.

Personalized Video

uDirect Video makes it possible to efficiently create and render personalized videos that incorporate motion-picture graphics and cinematic-quality visual effects. uDirect Video is integrated with the industry-standard video production software, Adobe After Effects, to provide a familiar environment for video editing professionals. Together, using uDirect Video and After Effects, users can generate personalised videos, which can be incorporated into one-to-one, multichannel campaigns, or used as standalone videos.

XMPie Cloud Services

XMPie offers several cloud-based software solutions that are subscription-based, hosted and managed off-premises by XMPie:

PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud
PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud is an entry level hosted solution for service providers, creative agencies or any company who produces a limited volume of 1:1 multichannel communications.   PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud manages all non-print related campaign functionalities, such as personalized email and PURLs, and includes PersonalEffect Analytics for campaign analysis of all touch points delivered through the cloud solution.

Circle is an interactive, digital storyboard, which allows all the stakeholders to plan, sketch and visualize cross-media communications in a collaborative way.  Circle changes the dynamic between the service provider and customer by providing an environment for everyone to visualize and contribute to the creative process.

XMPie Server-Based Solutions
PersonalEffect Print and Print Pro offer the ability to process large volumes of dynamic print documents while allowing customers to connect to multiple data sources, and create programmatically sophisticated campaign logic.

PersonalEffect TransMedia and TransMedia Pro provide complete solutions for creating, managing and monitoring 1:1 campaigns across print, email and web.

PersonalEffect StoreFlow and StoreFlow Pro enable the creation of ecommerce Web-to-print storefronts where print buyers can browse a catalogue of products, upload documents, customize products, and submit orders any time of day.

XMPie Enterprise Platforms are robust, top-of-the-line solutions that deliver the full power of XMPie PersonalEffect technologies to service providers with high-volume, one-to-one requirements or organizations that serve the demanding needs of enterprise clients.

Choose a base platform for Enterprise Print or Enterprise Cross-Media and build up to a completely configurable solution that will answer your critical requirements for high volume VDP, integrated cross-media, Web-to-print, API-customisation, redundancy, fault-tolerance, speed and creativity. The sky’s the limit with XMPie Enterprise Platforms!



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