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Reduce costs. Reduce Risk. Increase efficiency. 
All through accounts payable automation

While how you do business might be innovating, a lot of day-to-day processes – especially when it comes to accounts – still reply on traditional paper-based processes. 
By automating your accounts payable process, you can streamline how you work and unlock true benefits that come from digitalisation

Why automate your account payable process?

Automating your accounts payable process is more than simply optimising workflows. You gain very real business benefits, including a fit for purpose solution that can integrate where and how you need it to.  

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Reduce costs

On average, automating your accounts payable process can reduce costs up to 46% on an average.1

Gain real-time visibility

Get a complete, real-time view of your expenditure and enhance your reporting.

Better compliance

Mitigate risks with well-defined processes and audit trails for approvals.

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No more bottlenecks

Pay on time, streamline approvals, automate data entry, and easily match POs to invoices.


Easy data access

Retrieve invoice and account documents easily, reducing costs associated with storing and securing paper-based files.


Remove manual tasks

By automating your process, you free up your accounts team to focus on more important tasks.

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Removing the paper risk

We understand there are still a lot of traditional paper processes. However, with paper comes risks – from compromising student data and limited reporting capabilities, to manual processing errors and delays. By reviewing your process from end-to-end and integrating automation, you uncover opportunities to:

  • Improve your cash management with easier and more accurate reporting
  • Reduce manual tasks, errors and the need for human intervention
  • Create efficiencies through optimised workflows and existing system integration (such as with your school management system)
  • Increase staff engagement and productivity
  • Reduce invoice handling and processing costs
  • Better store, manage, access and retrieve data
  • Enhance your data security, through secure cloud document management
  • Streamline how you process payments, approvals and vendors

Reviewing a process from the inside can be tricky. That’s why FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers one-on-one time with an automation specialist.

Working alongside thousands of customers across Australia and with 60 years’ experience, we’ve seen it all. We’ll guide you to the best solution and process to suit your accounts department.

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What accounts payable solution is best for you?

With a lot of solutions out there, it can be hard to unravel which is the right solution for your business and application.

Here at FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we focus on finding a solution that answers your needs, not ours. Working together, we can determine which solution and accounts payable software aligns with how you work, your objectives and goals.

Choosing the right solution for your business

Step 1: We meet with you review your current processes and automation needs, mapping out your current processes and workflows. We’ll also review your current systems, assessing integration opportunities to further enhance efficiencies and data management processes.

Step 2: Working with you and your team, we’ll create a detailed process assessment and recommend a solution (and software) that best suits your needs and integration requirements.

Step 3: We’ll project manage your automation process from end-to-end, working with your team from scoping to implementation. You’ll also receive training and premium support from our expert team along the way.

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Who we work with

Our innovative approach focuses on making technology more useful and more usable. That’s why we work with innovative partners to deliver agnostic solutionthat work the way you need them to.

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