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Making the complex simple.

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, we’re focused on the future of education. From digitised document processes to streamlined parent communications, our total education solutions ease the administrative burden. With these digital tools from FUJIFILM Business Innovation, you can focus on enabling outstanding staff, student, and parent experiences.

  • Standout communication
  • Nurturing 21st Century citizens
  • Digital transformation
  • Partnering for better outcomes
  • Operational efficiency

Making the complex simple.

Why FUJIFILM Business Innovation total education solutions?



Complete your digital transformation with innovative solutions designed specifically for K-12 school environments.


With the largest support team across Australia, we’re always available to deliver innovative education solutions and troubleshoot problems as they arise.


Our best-in-class solutions partners streamline and simplify your workflows across the digital and physical.


With more than 60 years’ experience supporting Australian education, we know what works and support your school’s digital transformation with the ideal solutions.

Keep track of your digital conversations with communication tools

From attracting new students to keeping in touch with parents, communication is key in education. DigiComms provides you with the right tools to power your communication.

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Change time wasted to time well spent. Change difficult to digital. Automation for Education.
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3D Printing EduScan DigiComms
Desktop 3D for the classroom. Accessible and secure digitisation for Australian schools. Simple, secure digital communication solutions for your school.
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Drive Digital Transformation With FUJIFILM Business Innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation offers solutions that facilitate the learning process. Besides education solutions, we also offer other cutting-edge solutions and services that help to streamline business processes.

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