Government Industry Solutions

Become more responsive to clients and citizens

Modernise your department by digitising documents, providing staff more time to focus on client needs


Manage back office costs and become more responsive to clients

The age of Digital Government has begun….and the pressure to meet citizens’ expectations for digitised services is matched only by the unrelenting pressure to drive down costs.

Take advantage of leading digital solutions that may enable all levels of government to work smarter, securely, efficiently, openly and transparently.

Deliver world-class digitalised services to citizens, with solutions based on a solid understanding of Government operations, the importance of regulatory compliance, and a vision of emerging government services trends.

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, we can help you to:

  • Implement efficient process management and services
  • Deliver transparent, open and citizen centric collaboration
  • Deliver protected and secure communication services


“The automated process of scanning incoming mail and delivering it to the appropriate office will significantly reduce enquiry response time. The overall cost savings and benefits will be in having all of our corporate information digitised and located centrally in one place.”

Please click here to view  the full City of Bunbury case study.