How can you manage, control and secure your information assets and content? Enterprise Content Management offers a better way to manage paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation. With Enterprise Content Management, you can capture, store and share documents/content as well as optimise navigation, search, and information discovery through content classification. This can help to improve customer and staff engagement, ensure compliance, and automate business processes. 


  • Business Process Automation - Provides enterprise class electronic forms and automation of business transactions with structured and unstructured data leading the way to digital transformation.
  • Record Management - Manage and secure digital information from creation to disposal to meet compliance requirements and regulatory mandates.
  • Imaging & Document Management System - Create, manage, control and stores digital content, information and documents.


  • Electronic Forms automates information gathering, incorporates data from mutiple systems into one form and enhance the digital experience.
  • Capture, digitise, categorise, and store information and content to facilitate digital tranformation and automation.
  • Manage the lifecycle of content and secure content access, automate retention and disposition.
  • Easy access to content through in-office devices and mobile devices.
  • Adherence to audit, compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Connection to other systems, providing office automation as an integrated solution.
  • Delivering solutions that are tailored to business requirements from SMEs to large enterprises and MNCs.
  • Integrate and connect with FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction printers for a complete digital transformation.
  • Raise your office automation to a whole new level with our content  management system.