Document Management

Increase the mobility and collaboration of your workforce with a dynamic document sharing environment

Document Management


Welcome to a simpler way to store, secure and manage documents. By reducing workflow complexity and eliminating unnecessary IT costs, you can boost the agility of your business. Our Document Management Solution offers growing companies secure and location-free access to business documents. With a dynamic document sharing environment, you can increase the mobility of your workforce and transform multifunctional devices into powerful productivity tools.


Staying ahead in a competitive marketplace requires agility, adaptability and efficiency. Organisations, large and small, are catering to a workforce that is increasingly mobile and requires anywhere, anytime access to content. It's been proven that a connected workforce is more productive, efficient, satisfied and performs better.

You need a hassle-free, scalable cloud solution that creates a seamless experience between the physical and digital workplace. You want to ensure your company information is secure, without having to invest time and money in a complex security system that restricts flexibility.

With our Document Management Solution, your employees can collaborate anytime, anywhere, while documents are kept secure and trackable. And you can say goodbye to high server and infrastructure costs. Welcome to a simpler way to store, share, print and secure your documents.


Our Document Management System keeps your data safe using data encryption with the highest information security rating. Control access to cabinets, drawers and folders, and set full editing rights or read-only access by user or group. This ensures your company’s information is seen and handled by authorised users only, reducing the risk of costly data leaks.
Our solution does not come with a high installation fee and requires little effort to maintain. With no dedicated server or system administrator required, you can free up your budget and your staff for more important things.
Shift the way you work by harnessing the power of cloud to grow your business. With no printer or storage server management required, things become much simpler. We provide an easy way to manage your documents online. You can sort information by cabinet, drawer and folder, and simply drag and drop documents to upload and download them in batches. 
The cloud server integrates seamlessly with FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunctional devices, allowing you to print directly from any device. Scanned documents and faxes are uploaded automatically to the selected cloud folder, with an email notification. This way, you will never miss an important fax, and demand on printing and paper resources is reduced. 
Quickly access the information you need from your PC or mobile device anywhere, anytime. Users can maintain personal and shared drawers, and share files with external parties by emailing the download link. You can download files to any mobile device with iOS and Android operating systems. This gives your workforce the flexibility they need to capture business opportunities wherever they are.


What you will get

  • A cloud server to store and manage all your documents. Search and access the information you need, whenever you need it.
  • Connect to the cloud server from any device, and share documents easily and securely.
  • Seamless integration with multifunction devices. Print from any mobile device or PC. 
  • Scanned documents and faxes are uploaded to the cloud server automatically.
  • Data encryption and full control over who can access your company’s information and to what capacity, keeping your data safe.
  • No server installation fee or system administration required.

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