Our Clients


FUJIFILM Data Management Solutions (FUJIFILM) delivers outsourced business processing and customer communications solutions to our clients, in the Asia Pacific region, across all industries including banking, superannuation, insurance, government, utilities and telecommunications.


Fuji Xerox services more than 10 key utilities across Australia.


Fuji Xerox serves 3 of the major telecommunications companies.

Superannuation & Insurance

8 out of the top 10 superannuation and insurance companies utilise FUJIFILM.


Fuji Xerox works with 9 of the top 10 banking organisations.


We are an accredited supplier for key government departments.

Digital Services

As your customers are increasingly taking up digital technologies we understand the importance of meeting their preferences for communicating across various channels.

Inbound Services


Digitally consolidate and automate labour intensive manual business processes to be more efficient, reduce costs and respond to your customers quickly and accurately.

Outbound Services

Your ability to produce engaging customer communications via full colour print or digital channels from our quality and security certified operations across the region allows you to communicate accurately and efficiently with your customers.

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