Mission Statement and Shared Values


FUJIFILM Data Management Solutions is in a culmination of decades of experience through a myriad of strategic acquisitions. We are a well-positioned contemporary organisation. Our business draws on its knowledge and talented people to provide the best service to our customers.

Mission Statement

Build an environment for the creation and effective utilisation of knowledge

Our business domain comprises support for work process reforms within the working environment. By providing products and services of value we will support people in effectively utilising information and knowledge to be more creative.

Contribute to the advancement of the global community by continuously fostering mutual trust and enriching diverse cultures

We will build mutual trust among stakeholders by growing as a company and offering new forms of value through our business activities.Trust will engender respect for diversity, forming a foundation for worldwide cultural advancement.

Achieve growth and fulfilment in both our professional and personal lives.

Throughout work we will seek to enhance our expertise and human ability. We will use the personal growth and sense of fulfilment thus achieved as energising forces in our organisation and business to bring development and enrichment to society.

Shared Values

Seek to offer exceptional value

Deliver outstanding products and services originating from market needs and social issues.

Value speed

Generate results by determining the real issues before making decisions and seeking efficient processes.

Pursue innovation

Create new value based on creative thinking unfettered by preconceived ideas.

Collaborate closely

Seek overall optimisation and mutual development through reliance on and cooperation with others inside and outside FUJIFILM

Maintain high ethical

Comply with legal and societal norms and always maintain good faith and fairness in business.

Respect diversity

Respect individuals and different cultures, and live considerately alongside others as members of society.

Digital Services

As your customers are increasingly taking up digital technologies we understand the importance of meeting their preferences for communicating across various channels.

Inbound Services


Digitally consolidate and automate labour intensive manual business processes to be more efficient, reduce costs and respond to your customers quickly and accurately.

Outbound Services

Your ability to produce engaging customer communications via full colour print or digital channels from our quality and security certified operations across the region allows you to communicate accurately and efficiently with your customers.

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