FUJIFILM Business Innovation

Efforts to Resolve Social Issues

In August 2017, FUJIFILM Holdings announced its new CSR plan Sustainable Value Plan (SVP 2030). The plan outlines the long-term goal that the entire group aims to achieve in order to solve social issues through its business activities by 2030, which is the goal year of various international efforts to address global issues such as the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement. SVP2030 consists of 15 priority issues in six areas, which are divided into four core themes: the environment, health, daily life and work style; and two fundamental themes: supply chain and governance. Efforts under the plan are already underway.

In the area of “work style,” FUJIFILM Business Innovation aims to contribute to achieving SDG Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth involving all 17 SGDs. In 2018 we reexamined our areas of focus regarding social issues based on SVP2030 and the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Mission Statement, thereby identifying materiality (priority issues) for the company. In this section we will introduce our approach to high-priority management themes set for each of the SVP2030 fields and the measures taken in line with the themes.

Key CSR Indicators

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