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Environmental Policy

Based on the Fujifilm Group Green Policy, we have established the Ecology and Safety Vision for achieving a sustainable society. As a policy aimed at actualizing that vision, we have formulated the Ecology and Safety Basic Policy, and based on it, are endeavoring to achieve world-class environmental management.

EMS policy

For FUJIFILM Business Innovation to contribute to the sustainable development of society, individual employees will take actions autonomously and will make a concerted effort to reduce environmental impacts and tackle environmental issues, by following the Fujifilm Group Green Policy, the Ecology and Safety Vision and the Ecology and Safety Basic Policy of FUJIFILM Business Innovation and its affiliates.
FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been leading society and its competitors in resource recycling and the development of energy-saving products and services. By establishing targets and action plans in line with the main business of each functional organization, FUJIFILM Business Innovation will further strengthen the development of environment-conscious products and business processes and the proposal of solution and services that encourage working people to transform their workstyles to an even more creative style.

Long-Term Environmental Targets

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for FY 2030

Keenly aware that society must undergo major transformations to establish a low-carbon society, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has reaffirmed its responsibility as a leading company. We are striving to succeed in our efforts by establishing targets, KPIs, and action plans in line with the main business of each functional organization.
Moreover, we made our goals compatible with the CSR plan announced by FUJIFILM Holdings in August 2017, titled “Sustainable Value Plan 2030” (SVP 2030), and established a new target for reducing greenhouse gases that looks ahead to fiscal 2030

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for FY 2030

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions over the entire product life cycle by 30% (vs. fiscal 2013 levels) by fiscal 2030

To Our Suppliers (Green Procurement Standards)

FUJIFILM Business Innovation would like to contribute to the environmental conservation activities of our customers and society as a whole by further cooperating in environmental conservation with our business partners, who are important to FUJIFILM Business Innovation, and by providing products and services that are safe and eco-friendly.
The Green Procurement Standards compiled here explain our basic approach to hazardous chemical substances included in or used during the manufacturing of our products and parts.
We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Green Procurement Standards Version 7.0 (Issued in June, 2019)

Major activities in FY2018

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