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Examples of Initiatives for Customers

Fiscal 2020 initiatives in the field of Work Style

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we contributed to customers' work style reforms through our business by providing them with products and services that facilitate remote working and the departure from business flows that assume that paper documents must be used.

New proposed work style reforms created at Toyosu Center Office

In 2020, FUJIFILM Business Innovation opened the Center Office for sales representatives in Japan and Bridge for Innovation, a hands-on showroom, in Toyosu Bayside Cross Tower.

Since 2009, we have been undertaking work style reforms of sales-related departments under the concept of "Anytime, anywhere, with anyone." The Center Office in Toyosu is the culmination of those activities.We have evolved the concept to "An office where information and wisdom gather," under which we will virtually connect our bases across Japan with the Center Office at the core and practice a flexible work style, which has become increasingly important in the COVID-19 pandemic.We will accelerate our activities to propose the optimal work style for each customer, based on the wisdom and experience that we have accumulated through the work style reforms that we have been undertaking over many years.

Nippon Logistic Corporation, which has been expanding its services from warehousing and distribution services to import/export service, launched a project to make internal operations paperless in 2020. The purpose of the project is to finally make the full "transition from paper-based operations," which has been a management issue for the company.This project was supported by a team formed by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Japan and FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

While dependence on paper and working in offices had been common practice in the company's operations, we addressed the customer's issues with a view to computerizing payment and settlement operations and establishing their workflows, following a shift to paperless internal procedures, including applications.We formed a team of members from multiple departments in FUJIFILM Business Innovation and FUJIFILM Business Innovation Japan. The team began by entering the customer's business process, beginning with the upstream process, and visualizing problems in their operations and systems.Combining visits to sites and online meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team worked to develop a grand design for realizing paperless operations as soon as possible with a number of solutions.

MAXHUB contributed to promoting the work style reform at Nippon Logistic Corporation.

The team worked as one in expanding the number of documents to digitalize, conducting interviews with a wide range of departments including general affairs, accounting, quality control, and sales departments, and thus succeeding in achieving a significant reduction of paper documents. This has also led to a reduction in the customer's environmental impact. This transformation of workflows also reduced the number of manhours spent on the customer's operations, helping to reduce work hours.

Moreover, we invited people from Nippon Logistic Corporation to our Center Office in Toyosu, where we gave them a presentation on business process reform using MAXHUBNote1, an all-in-one meeting board combining an electronic conferencing system, blackboard, whiteboard, and projector. The presentation allowed them to have a specific picture of the work style after the reform, which helped to accelerate their activities for the transformation.Thus, we have begun to provide value in a new way at the hands-on showroom in Toyosu.

We will continue to support customers' work style reforms in a new dimension by making full use of the Bridge for Innovation, our hands-on showroom in Toyosu Center Office that serves as a bridge leading customers to success.

  • Note1 A product from Nice Mobile Co., Ltd.

Examples of new applications of CocoDesk, a personal workspace

While lifestyles based on an ubiquitous online environment has become the new normal, CocoDesk, a personal workspace provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation, is expanding its application to settings other than workplaces.

For example, at universities, CocoDesk has begun to be used as a place for transmitting online lectures in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.A number of other applications of CocoDesk have been created at universities, such as installing it at career center for students having online job interviews, offering it to external lecturers as an office space, and using it to participate in overseas academic meetings held online.

Another new application of CocoDesk has been created because language schools have shifted to online lessons. Students of the schools receive lessons in CocoDesk on their way home from work, for example.

We will continue to help customers practice new work styles by finding new spaces where we can offer CocoDesk, such as commercial facilities, public facilities, offices, and communal spaces of condominiums, in addition to stations and office lobbies, thus providing environments where they can work safely with peace of mind.

1. Support for the introduction of IT to address the COVID-19 pandemic (supporting customers as they apply for subsidies for the introduction of IT)

The goal of the subsidies for the introduction of IT (official name: Subsidy Program for Introducing IT to Businesses for Productivity Improvement in Services, etc.) is to support Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their improvement of productivity, business efficiency, and profitability. Specifically, the national government is subsidizing SMEs ' introduction of IT tools, such as IT services and software, based on the business challenges of each enterprise. We support customers that need new investment in IT that is appropriate for the issues and needs of each, facilitating the process for receiving subsidies for the introduction of IT, free of charge. Over the past four years, we have supported more than 2,000 customers. Based on our wealth of experience, we choose the optimal combination of IT tools for each customer and provide them with detailed assistance in each of the steps necessary, from applying for subsidization to reporting its effects, aiding them as they improve productivity, introduce remote working (work-from-home programs), and other processes. Notably, in fiscal 2020, a special category for emergency responses to COVID-19 was created for the introduction of IT tools needed to build remote working environments, shift to non-face-to-face business models, and take other measures that address COVID-19. We will continue to contribute to customers' work style reforms.

2. Support for eliminating the use of paper and hanko seals in business processes (electronic contracts)

We supported a prompt shift to remote working and the business continuity of customers, by digitalizing business processes that used to involve paper documents and hanko seals. With a total of 6.5 million licenses sold, we have integrated our products, such as DocuWorks and WorkingFolder, with products of other companies on a cloud basis. This has enabled customers to smoothly carry out a series of operations, including internal decision requests, the signing of electronic contracts, document storage and searching for documents, even while remote working. Thus, we help our customers break away from work styles constrained by the need to use paper documents and hanko seals, which are reasons why people have to go into offices during this pandemic. In addition, at FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we expect to reduce the number of work hours necessary by 3 million hours in five years by digitalizing our own operations for signing contracts. Productivity improvements benefit customers greatly, as they face the labor shortage. Further, the improvements, which enable businesses to complete business processes on computers, will also facilitate the establishment of an environment that enables the continuity of businesses even during another pandemic or other disaster in the future. At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we continue to help customers with their work style reforms by providing excellent IT environments.

3. Spreading and expanding personal workspace (CocoDesk)

  • Note1 As of October 2020, the Tradable Green Certificate had not yet been issued for Solo Work Booth CocoDesk.

Example: Productivity improved and remote working enabled by transitioning to paperless operations (Apeos PEMaster Evidence Tracker)

The overseas procurement department of AS ONE Corporation, a specialized trading company dealing in nursing care products, research equipment, and other commodities, has been improving the efficiency of its import operations, which have involved cumbersome management tasks, and has been working to establish a paperless work environment that complies with the Electronic Books Maintenance Act. Normally, information about imported goods, including the vessel name, vessel schedule, and delivery date, is summarized and managed in a booking list on a container basis. Previously, booking lists were submitted individually by multiple international transport operators every day. This generated the manual task of compiling the information from them into a single document. In addition, to manage import declarations and shipping arrangements, the updated information must be sent to the customs agent by 16:00 every day. Daily management tasks like these required a great deal of effort. In response, the customer installed Fuji Xerox's Apeos PEMaster Evidence Tracker from FUJIFILM Business Innovation japan, which is linked with other companies' products for the centralized online management of the series of operations, including the preparation and management of documents and applications related to customs clearance. Thus, the business flow was improved in ways that enable responsible persons from international transport operators to directly view and make entries in booking lists stored on cloud services. This has enabled a significant reduction in the amount of work necessary, including data entry tasks and the control of work hours. Further, the use of paper documents was eliminated, enabling the centralized online management of application records. In addition, import permit information and application documents are linked to each other, resulting in a system which prevents omissions in the management of import records and enables prompt customs clearance. The elimination of paper documents, which was enabled by this system, has permitted the customer to shift smoothly to remote working in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The people of AS ONE Corporation who improved productivity and shifted to remote working by going paperless

4. Support for the creation of reports during the COVID-19 pandemic (Fuji Xerox (China), Intelligent e-Form)

Overseas FUJIFILM Business Innovation Group companies also proactively support customers' work style reforms. Intelligent e-Form, which is provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation (China), an overseas subsidiary of FUJIFILM Business Innovation, is a web app for creating pandemic reports intended for users of WeChat, China's largest social media messenger app. Employees who are WeChat users use this app to enter their health condition, action history, and other information and report this information to their employers via their mobile device. If an employee becomes infected, this app is used as a database, enabling the employer to report to the government promptly. Further, FUJIFILM Business Innovation (China) has curbed the spread of the infection while contributing to the improvement of productivity, by providing its own products and services including Smart Conference Solution, which enables online meetings via mobile devices, notebook computers, etc., and Productivity Suite, which fully leverages RPA,Note2 AI, and other technologies.

  • Note2 RPA: Robotic Process Automation

5. Providing multifunction devices that comply with a high security standard The first in Japan to receive a AAAis (Triple A) rating, the highest security rating of the NIST SP 800-17 (National Institute of Standards and Technology) security standard

In the current information-intensive society, risks regarding the security of digital data and other risks are increasing rapidly. In the face of this social issue, FUJIFILM Business Innovation's ApeosPort series of digital color multifunction devices and printers have received the AAAis (Triple A) rating, the highest information security rating proving compliance with the US NIST SP 800-171 security standard of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, for the first time in Japan. It is likely that companies operating globally will widely be required to comply with this standard, including businesses working in the defense industry. The use of multifunction devices such as these, with superior security features, will enable companies to overcome the security challenges faced in many settings where these devices are used, such as teleworking and shared office environments. Through initiatives like this, we will continue to contribute to work style reforms in safe, secure environments.

Fiscal 2019 initiatives in the field of Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at FUJIFILM Business Innovation have taken a variety of initiatives through our business and have contributed to the development of a healthy society by preventing infection at customers' sites.

1. Contributing to ensuring the safety and security of customers' work environments (sharing a method for disinfecting multifunction devices)

There is an increasing number of customers who desire to disinfect their multifunction devices, which are touched by many people, as a measure to prevent COVID-19 infections. However, incorrect ways of disinfecting these devices may cause them to fail. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Service Creative has created an easy-to-understand video explaining the right way to clean and disinfect multifunction devices and has published this video on the official FUJIFILM Business Innovation website. We have catered to customer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped prevent the spread of infection.

2. Contributing to preventing the spread of COVID-19 (providing free tools to raise awareness of infection prevention)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Japan has created 33 original tools to encourage the prevention of infection, including posters and other displays, and provides them through its official website. Improving each individual's awareness is very important in the prevention of infection. While we normally provide data in the DocuWorks format, now we are providing them for free in the PDF format. This is a special measure to ensure that the tools are used by as many customers as possible. In addition to posters for preventing COVID-19 infection, Fuji Xerox Fukushima offers other free posters, including posters on environmental protection, health, and information security. They have been amazingly popular, and have been viewed more than 2.8 million times on the website as of October 31, 2020.

Automating Complicated Document Workflows and Reducing Human Errors to Allow People to Concentrate on Their Core Business Operations

Labor shortage and work style reforms in Japan

Japanese society is facing with issues of aging and labor shortage. In a survey conducted by the OECD, Japan is in the bottom group of member countries in terms of productivity, being ranked 14th in the world. Companies in Japan are struggling to streamline administrative work and to enable employees to engage in innovative work.
However, it is not easy to realize, and invoice processing is a typical example that highlights the difficulty. All companies purchase materials and services and need to make payments for them, but invoice formats can vary depending on the supplier, and so the automatic processing of these invoices has been considered difficult. Moreover, employees in charge of invoice processing need to spend a lot of time circulating the related documents among the approvers responsible for payments and then filing the documents.

To create a society where all people can engage in fulfilling work

FUJIFILM Business Innovation aims to promote “the transformation of society where everyone can enjoy fulfilling work” by 2030. To this end, we aim to provide solution services that help working people increase their productivity and demonstrate their creativity, thereby contributing to organizational and social innovations.
One of the initiatives implemented to this end is the Accounts Payable Automation Solution, which we have developed by combining the expertise accumulated by FUJIFILM Business Innovation for document management with France-based Esker’s “Esker on Demand” accounts payable management service.
The Solution enables data that used to be input manually to be automatically extracted from invoices, digitizes the payment approval workflow, and reduces the turnaround time from payment application to approval by managers. Moreover, AI-based machine learning helps increase the precision of data extraction and makes data analysis easier. Users can also deal with invoices in different formats and link the system smoothly with other accounting management systems. The Solution was provided initially by FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand and is being introduced to Japan. It will also be sequentially deployed in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Responses from customers

FUJIFILM Business Innovation New Zealand has been selling the Accounts Payable Automation Solution since 2016 and has introduced it to customers in a variety of industries, including construction, education, retail, government, agriculture, and manufacturing. “Improving AP efficiency has historically been problematic for most companies as it relied heavily on handling paper documents manually such as manual data entry for processing and circulating documents for payment approval. These complicated tasks led to incorrect amount payments and unhandled payments,” says Cameron Mount, who leads FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Enterprise Consulting team. “In response, we combined Esker’s cloud-based AP accounting solutions with FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s consulting expertise in the document domain that we have cultivated over many years. Based on our thorough analysis of the customers’ current workflows, we provide each customer with the solution optimal for them. We can thereby deliver services tailored to the customer’s operational procedures and priorities.”
An analysis after installing the service compared to the previous manual operations in the company showed a 65% improvement in processing speed of accounts payable invoices and 5.3 times more invoices processed per person.
Mr. Lee Waller, Financial Controller at Property Brokers, a real estate company in New Zealand, says, “It’s made our managers very happy as they have visibility and control of their cost.”

Selling the solution in Japan to help foster work style innovation

Japanese companies are being urged to make work style reforms. When the Solution was introduced at the expo on accounting and financial operations held in May 2019, we had a huge number of people visit the demonstration and consulting space. Through talking with them, it became clear to us that quite a few companies were still doing paper-based invoice processing and were searching for a way to increase their processing efficiency.
Amane Inoue, Executive General Manager, Advanced Industrial Services Business Group, says, “FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been providing solutions by upholding “Smart Work Innovation” since 2018 and thinking comprehensively about what it could do to bring about innovation to work styles in society. We are proactively forming partnerships and alliances with other companies to help customers increase the efficiency of their workflows and foster digital transformation for higher productivity. We will continue making contributions to increasing the operational efficiency of customers and workers in Japan and across the world toward the creation of an even better society.”
We are committed to helping customers manage their organizations in an efficient and orderly manner so that they can use the time thus saved to generate new innovations. In order to propel the trends of work style innovation and provide benefits to even more working people, FUJIFILM Business Innovation will continue taking on challenges.

Ensuring the Security of Communication: Providing the comfortable, secured, and easy-to-use networks for the diversification of working style.

Rise of information security risk with Work Style Reform

In Japan, companies are expanding their teleworking and work-at-home systems aligning with the government policy, the Work Style Reform. Some leading edge companies are beyond fostering the variety of working places and working hours and encouraging employees to work for multiple organizations by projects or have side businesses. While technological innovation enables people to choose various work styles and to work for multiple organizations, information security risks are becoming more serious issue. In 2017, 42.3% of corporations in Japan suffered serious damage caused by security incidents, such as the leaking of personal information and confidential information. The average damage caused by such security incidents are estimated at over 200 million yenNote 1.

Improving communication at workplaces

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been integrating paper and digital information and seamlessly connecting cloud services, mobile solutions and multifunction devices to help companies improve their communication environments and enable their employees to concentrate on core business operations anytime, anywhere. FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been committed to provide the environment where all people can make the most of their knowledge for contributing to the society and fulfilling their work.

For providing various work styles and high levels of information security for employees, what can FUJIFILM Business Innovation do? Large companies have their own information security departments to take necessary measures. However, it is not the case for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) that account for approximately 70% of all employees in Japan. Information security is still a big challenge for SMEs. In order to address this challenge, since 2002, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been offering the “beat”Note 2service to SMEs for securing their networking environments as well as providing a regular updating service for information security. We have delivered a total of 70,000 security devices for “beat” service across Japan today.

Top management of SMEs wants “comfortable,” “secured” and “easy-to-use” information security infrastructure, and in line with the advancement of IT and cloud-based service technologies we have been enhancing the functions and services of “beat”. In 2019, we released the option, “beat” Cloud Connection Service to help customers use the Amazon Web Services with greater safety. Anticipating security measures for encrypted information and “IP over Ethernet” (IPoE), FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been seeking on even higher quality of services for secure and comfortable networking. FUJIFILM Business Innovation has been providing easy-to-use, one-stop end to end support for the “beat” service from installation to management. With nationwide sales network, FUJIFILM Business Innovation also provides same quality of service.

Overall Image of beat

BOHSAI Corporation, a company specializing in disaster control for buildings, has a total of around 100 engineers and support staff who cooperate with the nine affiliates of the company at its 10 bases across Japan to install, check and maintain disaster prevention equipment and to inspect and survey building facilities and special structures to ensure disaster control for entire buildings. It was becoming difficult to maintain and manage the current servers as the company’s operations expanded, so they started trying to figure out a way to shift to a cloud-based environment. However, due to security risks posed to internal data, the company was unable to do it by themselves. That is when the beat Cloud Connection Service was put on the market. Knowing that the service would help connect its offices with a cloud-based environment with greater security, the company decided to deploy the service. The customer also introduced the beat Remote Access Service to allow its employees to access the intranet from outside the company. Now they can safely access internal data while on business trips to other sites or visiting customer sites. As a result, engineers can now go home directly from customer sites more readily than before and thus the company enjoys the benefit of the service that also helps the company to realize work style reform.

Further challenge

Makoto Kurosa, a Senior Manager of Enterprise Documents Solution Division, who has been involved with the development of “beat” from the beginning says;
“The Japanese business dynamism is driven by new value innovated by SMEs and the collaboration between them. With the progress of the Internet, the collaboration is enhanced and a system for information sharing beyond organizations is required, but it is not easy. The “beat”’ has been evolved to help SMEs address IT-related challenges such as staff shortage, and lack of knowledge and investments. Security risks have been expanding in multiple aspects recently and many companies are facing the challenges of making investments and hiring IT staff. For the next stage of the “beat” service, we have launched the Smart Cyber Security service for business of all sizes to enjoy the value provided by “beat” from SMEs to large enterprise. We will enhance the service to offer safe and secure networks to more of our customers.”
When all people exert their abilities to the fullest extent and link with people and organizations through sharing the same aspirations, they can create new value together. Based on this belief, Fuji Xerox will continuously work to provide safe, secure and easy-to-use information infrastructure services so that more and more people and organizations can achieve their aspirations by using the services.

  • Note 1 Reported by Trend Micro, Dec. 2018
    “Survey on Information Security in Corporate Organizations: 2018”
  • Note 2 The “beat” is a secure network outsourcing service that fully supports security measures and communication network functions in office. As the key feature of the service, Fuji Xerox offers outsourcing services for a range of operations on building, maintaining and managing the communication network systems. A variety of security measures are provided based on the installation of a security device called the beat-box, and the “beat-noc” Network Operation Center monitors the networking situation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Moreover, the beat Contact Center can support quick recovery in case of network failures.

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