Notice of power-saving settings on ApeosPort-V 7080/6080 and DocuCentre-V 7080/6080

September14, 2018

Fuji Xerox informs customers that the power-saving function was disabled in the initial settings before shipment on our monochrome multifunction devices—ApeosPort-V 7080/6080 and DocuCentre-V 7080/6080.
Specifically, when using the above models in their initial settings, their value of Typical Electricity ConsumptionNote1 (TEC) is slightly higher than the value shown in our product brochures and other collaterals as it takes longer time to go into power saver mode after printing.
However, we would like to assure customers that the initial settings do not have any impact on other functions including copy, fax and scan.

  • Note1 The amount of power by a printer, copier, or other office equipment over a conceptual week (five days of operation and sleep/off repeated, plus two days of sleep/off). It is a criterion required to comply with the International ENERGY STAR® Program under Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

For customers who are using the above-mentioned models and wish to change the setting, Fuji Xerox will do so for free of charge, so please contact our local call Center below.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue and will further strengthen the product quality management so that such issues do no reoccur.

  1. Affected models
    ApeosPort-V 7080/6080
    DocuCentre-V 7080/6080
  2. Details of the setting change
    The Power-saving Transition Time Reduction Function will be enabled. (It is disabled in the initial settings.)
    Power-saving Transition Time Reduction FunctionNote2 Transition time to the power saver mode TEC value (kWh/week) followed by the model number in the brackets
    Disabled (Initial setting) 1 minute 5.2(ApeosPort-V/ DocuCentre-V 7080)
    4.8(ApeosPort-V/ DocuCentre-V 6080)
    Enabled (shown in the product brochures) 15 seconds 5.0(ApeosPort-V/ DocuCentre-V 7080)
    4.6(ApeosPort-V/ DocuCentre-V 6080)
    • Note2 With this function enabled, the transition time for the power saver mode after printing to be resumed will be fixed to 15 seconds.