Request to update our multifunction devices and printers to latest firmware

December 21, 2018
September 13, 2019

Thank you for your continued support for Fuji Xerox products.

We have identified potential risks in some of our existing multifunction devices and printers which might include a security problem
Please find the list of affected multifunction devices and printers below.

Target devices

  • DocuPrint P375 d
  • DocuPrint P375 dw
  • DocuPrint M375 z
  • DocuPrint M375 df
  • DocuPrint P378 d
  • DocuPrint M378 d
  • DocuPrint M378 df
  • DocuPrint P288 dw
  • DocuPrint M285 z
  • DocuPrint M275 z
  • DocuPrint M235 z
  • DocuPrint M235 dw
  • DocuPrint P285 dw
  • DocuPrint P275 dw
  • DocuPrint P235 d
  • DocuPrint P268 d
  • DocuPrint P268 dw
  • DocuPrint P225 d
  • DocuPrint P265 dw
  • DocuPrint M268 dw
  • DocuPrint M268 z
  • DocuPrint M225 dw
  • DocuPrint M225 z
  • DocuPrint M265 z
  • DocuPrint P115 w
  • DocuPrint P118 w
  • DocuPrint M115 w
  • DocuPrint M115 fw
  • DocuPrint M115 z
  • DocuPrint M118 w
  • DocuPrint M118 z

Please kindly troubleshoot your devices using the guide below:


We have prepared the latest firmware which will fix the risks.
Please kindly update the devices to the latest firmware to avoid the potential risk.

Please download the firmwarehere.