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Notice regarding the warm-up time of Apeos C325 dw, Apeos C325 z, Apeos C328 df, Apeos C328 dw and ApeosPrint C325 dw, ApeosPrint C328 dw, ApeosPrint C328

November 12,2021

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your continued support to our products.

We’d like to inform you that default settings of the below-mentioned products were incorrect. These products take longer to be ready to operate from the time their powers are turned on, as compared to what are mentioned as their warm-up time*1 in product brochures.

This issue can be resolved by updating their firmware. If you are using any of the below products, we ask you to download and install the firmware standard ROM from the links below. We apologize for this inconvenience.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is conducting quality assurance activities that incorporate international standards, advanced technologies and other elements, throughout the entire product lifecycle, covering product planning, design, development, production, sales/maintenance, recovery and reuse. Please be assured that we will continue to deliver quality of our products and services in an integrated manner.

  • *1 Time from when the power of the product is turned on until it is ready to operate

1.Target models

For Japan

  • Apeos C320 z
  • ApeosPrint C320 dw

For Excluding Japan (Asia, Oceania)

  • Apeos C325 z
  • Apeos C325 dw
  • Apeos C328 df
  • Apeos C328 dw
  • ApeosPrint C325 dw
  • ApeosPrint C328 dw
  • ApeosPrint C328


Please download and install the firmware from the below URL.

3.How to download and install the Firmware (ex. Australia)

(1)Click the link to open “Support & Driver” page.

(2)Select the appropriate items.

  • Select product type (Ex. Multi-function Printers)
  • Select product family (Ex. Apeos)
  • Select model (Ex. Apeos C325 z)

(3)Select “utilities” and download the firmware from “firmware update”.

(4)Run the downloaded file and install the firmware.


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