FUJIFILM Business Innovation,
Leading Business Communication and Contributing to Customer Growth

Fuji Xerox becomes FUJIFILM Business Innovation

In April 2021, we changed our name from Fuji Xerox to FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

We are a business innovator, building on the expertise accumulated through more than six decades of R&D, production, logistics, sales, and customer support since our founding. We continue to challenge ourselves to evolve further, with the unwavering mission of helping society and our customers solve their problems through better communication.


Our history: from printers to multifunction printers (MFPs) to solutions and beyond

We have been partnering our customers to manage their busines data - in both print and digital, and enable better communication with solutions that keep them one step ahead in the industry.

Transforming office operations with superior technology

Our MFP and printer business began in 1962 with the Fuji Xerox 914 in Japan, the first plain paper copier in the industry, and has continued to be the market leader with our xerography technology for copying printed information.

In 1975, we launched the industry's first full-color copier, and in 1987, we released the world's first printer with both printing and copying functions. Since then, we have continued to transform office operations through our superior technological capabilities, including the world's then-fastest full-color electronic printing output system.

Our MFPs and printers - the gateway to transforming your workstyles

Our MFPs and printers - the gateway to transforming your workstyles

Based on our technological excellence, we have continued to offer proposals tailored to our customers’ diversifying workstyles.
Using MFPs equipped with robust security capabilities as a gateway, we have provided solutions and services that resolve customers’ challenges, such as optimal document management, enhanced cloud collaboration, and increased operational efficiency starting with the digitization of paper documents.

Since 2000, we have successfully transformed our customers' workstyle with solutions that enable working from home and hybrid workstyles. Customers are now able to retrieve their personal documents at convenience stores, enjoy personalized workspace environments that bring more flexibility to remote work, and adopt cloud service integration that links office and home documents via Fujifilm MFPs.

Providing a new environment connecting people with information to advance business processes

Providing a new environment connecting people with information to advance business processes

Based on the indepth understanding of our customers’ business processes, equipped with our long-standing experience in document management and technological innovation, and especially after the launch of DocuWorks in 1996 in Japan, an electronic desk platform integrated to our MFPs, we have been providing software for the efficient handling of information in the digital world.

Over the years, workstyles have evolved and it is common to see companies offering teleworking and working from home. To better support our customers, we re-developed our software applications and offer cloud services. Through our cloud services, we now offer new business processes that connect people with information in the digital world.

Providing assurance and support for your IT environment

Providing assurance and support for your IT environment

Our MFP support network is no longer limited to the MFPs but has expanded into new IT services providing a one-stop support for our customers' IT environments. While more robust IT infrastructure is needed due to the diversity of workstyles such as remote working, there is a serious shortage of IT personnel. To resolve this challenge, we manage our customers’ working environments and enable them to work with assurance.

Our Goal: innovation and digital transformation in business

The concept of how people work continues to change dramatically, we are no longer bounded by the traditional way of working in an office. Businesses are offering concepts such as remote work (work from home, work from anywhere, etc) and hybrid workstyles to promote work-life balance.

It is essential to promote digital transformation (DX) so that everyone can work more flexibly and creatively, thus bringing out their individual strengths to the fullest without limitations of place or time.

What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge of digital technology and business process transformation, which we have cultivated since our founding, and in this age of diverse workplaces, from offices and homes to cafes and more, we aim to create an environment that maximizes the power of the organization, and support DX for the effective utilization of knowledge and information.

In our determination to remain as a business innovator and key partner to our customers, we will keep challenging ourselves to produce outstanding products and services diverse digital solutions, and creating new workstyles that enable digital transformation for our customers.

Accelerated growth through synergy with Fujifilm

As part of the Fujifilm Group, we use shared infrastructure and technological assets within Fujifilm to propel rapid and efficient technology development and production, as well as global business development.

We aim to expand our offerings and provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for our customers to realize their DX, and further accelerate our overseas expansion in order to help customers around the world achieve growth.

Fujifilm Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business Innovation

We will continue to take on challenges together with our customers as a close partner in realizing smart workstyles through business DX.

Building an IT environment that transforms work styles

We transform the way information is shared in offices to realize highly productive work styles.

[Office Solutions]

corporate management

By combining information with cutting-edge technology, we streamline business processes and provide the right solutions for corporate management.

[Business Solutions]

Creating a rich
customer experience

We realize optimal marketing solutions based on innovation in printing and a clear understanding of customer needs.

[Graphic Communication]

Office Solution, which builds IT environments that change workstyles

In addition to providing office equipment such as MFPs and printers for the large and small office markets, we also develop input/output business solutions and cloud/mobile solutions and services in order to help resolve documentation and communication issues for our customers.

We are further evolving our MFPs and printers, which serve as an office portal, and expanding our ecosystem by integrating our services and the cloud services of other business partners to create a conducive communication environment for our customers.

We will continue to pursue and provide better “customer experience” for our customers by improving their business processes and increasing the productivity and efficiency of their workforce.

Business solutions transforming corporate management

We offer problem-solving documentation services tailored to the needs of various industries and businesses. Recognizing documents as important information assets for business, we provide customers with high-value-added solutions through system integration and cloud services, as well as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services for MFP management and core business processes, thereby helping to improve their operational efficiency, increase their workforce, and innovate their workstyles.

We aim to realize an environment where customers can exercise their creativity and achieve results, by providing answers to their problems through solutions and BPO services, while incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT and strengthening documentation services that leverage information and knowledge.

Graphic communication creating a rich customer experience

We provide digital printers (production printers) and print workflow solutions for the commercial printing sector in the area of graphic communication, which encompasses content production, processing, and delivery.

We also support DX in the marketing field to optimize communication at the increasingly diverse interface between company and customer. By utilizing the data held by companies and communicating with consumers with appropriate content and timing, we can create a richer customer experience.

We work with our customers as a worldwide partner to create rich communication that promotes empathy and understanding between people and companies.

We support customers from research and production to sales and maintenance

  1. Research
  2. Development
  3. Production
  4. Sales
  5. System development
  6. Maintenance and support

Research  Technical development / product development  Production engineering / production 
Intellectual property  Planning  Supply chain management

Sales  Systems engineer  Customer engineer
Administration / Call center

With close cooperation and speedy responses from each division, we endeavor to create new value that sparks innovation in global business.

Transforming customers’ workstyles

We offer solutions that transform the way our customers work by combining MFPs and printers with various software and services.

MFPs and printers not only provide copy and print functions, but also play a role in the switch to paperless operations and improvement of business processes by connecting to various cloud services, thereby offering customers new value as a gateway to solutions that link analog and digital technologies.

In addition, we are facilitating the use of information by our customers through new cloud services evolved from our many years of document handling expertise, and proposing new workstyles, in which information is consolidated from analog to digital and people become connected through information. Besides these, we offer a one-stop support service for the management, operation, and maintenance of the IT assets that underpin our customers’ businesses.

In a customer environment that is continually changing with the times, including working from home, other remote work, hybrid work, diversified workstyles, and with the associated security risks, information sharing, and human resource shortages, we are constantly proposing reforms with the latest solutions that will optimize “work” for our customers.

Transforming workstyles with MFPs and printers

The MFPs and printers that we provide are taking on a new role as the gateway to digitization in the office.

MFPs serve as portals for sharing companies' information assets and operations, providing information security, integration with other systems, and other useful functions to optimize “work” for our customers. This streamlines the management and storage of documents, contributing to the realization of paperless offices.

Documents can also be easily uploaded to the cloud or sent to email, enabling immediate information sharing and workflow streamlining. These functions help customers optimize their operations by making document retrieval and sharing more efficient, reducing costs, and improving information security.

Integrating MFPs and printers with a range of software and services support DX in various operations.
Together with solutions such as workflow management, document management, security measures, and cost savings, customers can automate business processes, streamline information management, protect confidential and personal information, and reduce the costs of printing and document processing.

Transforming workstyles with software and cloud services

We offer a variety of software and cloud services to support office operations. Our lineup includes document management and operations, integration with cloud services, and support for business applications and security.

Document management/operation and integration with cloud services

We provide software that integrates seamlessly with cloud services to enable easy information retrieval, sharing, and storage. This improves customers’ operational efficiency and allows them to maximize the use of data in the cloud. Furthermore, useful information can be gleaned from the data and used to make decisions and develop business strategies.

Business applications that can be used in a variety of operations

We also offer specific business applications to strengthen customers' businesses, such as tools for sales support, customer management, project management workflow, business processes, and contract and billing operations.

We optimize “work” for our customers by proposing operational streamlining and various workstyles, utilizing software and cloud services as well as MFPs and printers to enable people to work comfortably and securely not only in the office but also from home, in cafes, and so on.

Transforming workstyles with one-stop IT and security support

We have a one-stop support system for the management, operation, and maintenance of our customers' IT assets and it helps them minimize their own resources and effort. They can access the services they need through a single point of contact, without the need for multiple vendor management. Our experts with specialized knowledge and extensive experience in IT operations and security can also help customers create an effective IT environment and solve any problems.

A world where various workstyles are possible

Regardless of where you work, in the office or in a cafe, working from home while balancing work and family life, FUJIFILM Business Innovation products and solutions are able to support you in different "work" environments.

We offer flexible services tailored to our customers’ needs and demands, and propose and implement solutions that best suit their business environment.

By supporting "work," we become the best partner for our customers.