FUJIFILM Business Innovation

The Customer Co-creation Laboratory

[The Customer Co-creation Laboratory] Working together with customers to clarify their business challenges and create new value from a customer-centric perspective


Fuji Xerox created the Customer Co-creation Laboratory in our R&D center located in Yokohama, Japan with the aim of responding to the rapidly changing business environment and the increasingly diversified expectations of our customers. Here, we show customers our own case examples in which we worked to resolve our own business challenges, then work together with customers, first to clarify their business challenges and then to resolve them.

Activities Taking Place in the Customer Co-creation Laboratory

Fuji Xerox's Customer Co-creation Laboratory is composed of the Open Laboratory and the Secure Laboratory. In the Open Laboratory, we introduce our own case examples and related technologies to customers and engage in discussion with them with the aim of resolving their business challenges and improving the on-site skills of our engineers. In the Secure Laboratory, we take the "seeds" for creating new value gained through our discussion in the Open Laboratory and work together with our partners and customers to develop them into "sprouts" of new value and evaluate them.

The Open Laboratory

Introduction of the Collaboration Area

This is where we allow customers to experience our case examples first-hand. Here, we allow customers to engage in dialogue with members from our R&D departments that created the solutions to the challenges in our case examples while experiencing hands-on exhibits and demonstrations, thus helping shed light on our customers' own business challenges that they are not yet aware of. We conduct open dialogues with not only prospective customers and partners, but also various stakeholders, such as universities, research institutes, government offices, and municipalities.

Cutting-edge Technologies

This is where we exhibit a selection of our cutting-edge technologies forming the core of our solutions to business challenges.

The Secure Laboratory

Here, we take the "seeds" that we gained in the Open Laboratory and work together with our partners and customers to develop them into "sprouts" of new value and evaluate them.

Target Business Challenge Areas

In order for companies to perform their business smoothly, the effective use of documents and suitable communications play important roles. In our Customer Co-creation Laboratory, we aim to provide new value to customers in the field of "Document Services and Communications," in which Fuji Xerox is conducting R&D, by approaching customers' business challenges from the perspectives of five different areas.


To make an appointment at the Customer Co-creation Laboratory, please contact the Fuji Xerox staff.