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Eco-LGK Toner

Less-gloss black toner with EA-Eco toner's low-temperature fusing capability

It is generally said that printed text with lower gloss is more reader-friendly.

Fuji Xerox has now developed Eco-LGK toner, a less-gloss black toner mainly intended for monochrome printing machines, by retaining the low-temperature fusing capability of EA-Eco toner with its superior energy-saving performance.

It has been said that low-temperature fusing and gloss control cannot be pursued simultaneously. This has now been realized, however, by increasing the degree of cross-linking to more than that in existing EA-Eco toner with optimized ion cross-linking polymerization as shown in Fig.1 below, and thus controlling the melting characteristic of toner.

Fig.1: Degree of Resin Cross-LinkingFig.1: Degree of Resin Cross-Linking

Fig.1: Degree of Resin Cross-Linking

As a result, melt viscosity that determines minimum fusing temperature (upper limit of viscosity required for toner fixation on paper) is set equivalent to that of EA-Eco toner. With higher viscosity, the melting state on the toner image surface can be changed to a lower gloss in the range of preset fusing temperature.

Fig.2: Viscosity Changes in Eco-LGK Toner under Temperature

Fig.2: Viscosity Changes in Eco-LGK Toner under Temperature