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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Launches Series of Multifunction Devices / Printers Under New Brand to Meet Business Challenges

Announcing ApeosPro / Apeos C / ApeosPrint Series Featuring New Design and Enhanced Security Functions 

Hong Kong, May 21, 2021 — A series of innovative products and services under the new brand is also unveiled to meet the ever-changing market needs.
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Day

Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong, said, “Accelerate your business success, is the value that FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong offers. Multifunction printers serve as the gateway for us to apply our expertise in documents, both paper and digital, to make business speedier and information even more accessible. This is how FUJIFILM Business Innovation will build the best communications setup of the future for customers’ business environment.

To better equip enterprises in the face of business challenges, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong is launching a series of brand-new multifunction devices and printers: ApeosPro / Apeos C / ApeosPrint series. Featuring a completely revamped exterior design with the use of strong contrasting colours such as white and neutral grey, the devices project a simple yet sleek and distinctive image in the office environment. In order to resolve security related challenges brought by remote working, the products also contain enhanced security measures for network connections and prevention of information leaks from data stored in the devices. The sales of the 4 models and 14 products, which span a vast spectrum of product types from the smallest and lightest printer in its class to high-performance multifunction printers for professional use, will sequentially begin from 21st May, to support versatile workstyles adopted by various industries and businesses.


Notable features of the new products:

ApeosPro series (one model, two products)

  • Sophisticated multifunction printers that balance both professional high-image printing as well as features that serve office printing use
  • Recommended for use in daily office operations and functions that require printing of catalogues / sales collaterals in-house

Apeos C series (two models, nine products)

  • Robust security features enabling a secure working environment
  • Supports versatile work styles with data protection security capabilities, thus creating seamless workflow and efficiency

ApeosPrint series (One model, three products)

  • Smallest and lightest in its class Note1 with capability in high-speed, high-image printing, thus improving work productivity
  • Supports businesses with limited office space such as retail stores and hospital receptions
In addition, to deliver innovative technologies and services in Workplace, Process and Communications, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong will devote itself to the development of cloud, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, while expanding the Company’s market share in the mass market through e-commerce and close collaborations with business partners.
 Note 1:       As of March 2021, in the A4 colour printer and multifunction printer segment with colour/monochrome continuous printing speeds above 30 prints per minute (A4 simplex). Does not include the weight of consumables.