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Discover our after-sales services and one-stop solutions to ensure your business always operates efficiently, with just a few clicks.

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Welcome to the world of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong. As our valued customers, you will have access to various resources including set-up guidance, service support and best practices to make your equipment achieve optimal performance, and explore solutions to increase productivity and leverage digital transformation to spark innovation and growth.

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With ServicePRO, we offer a comprehensive suite of professional after-sales services to help you embark on the journey faster and easier and have your problems solved even before you notice.

Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG) is an exclusive service in the market for free replacement*.

By providing the best-in-class after-sales services, support and care, we strive to ensure your devices perform at optimal level. 

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*Terms and conditions applied.

Electronic Partnership Broadband (EP-BB)* enables the Smart Remote Service which includes predictive and preventive replacement of consumable parts, automatic meter reporting, proactive toner replenishment, fault alerts and data capture for Green Report and Remote Device Health Check (RDHC) Reports*. To enjoy these services, make sure your devices are connected with EP-BB properly. Check out here.

*Terms and conditions applied.

You can register FUJIFILM BI Direct to download your Green Report* which shows statistics on detailed device usage and environmental impact at zero cost. You can get information such as print usage, service history and carbon emission estimation which are crucial to your business. Click here to FUJIFILM BI Direct for registration and details.

*Terms and conditions applied.

An online self-help platform with a library of quick guides and multimedia resources including user guides, drivers & softwarefrequently asked questions and step-by-step videos for you to solve issues and fix your devices in case of any urgent needs.

Self-managed Administrator Platform

Step 1: Log-in to your multifunctional printers

Using default administrator credentials

User ID: 11111

Passcode: x-admin


Step 2: Access the information you need

  • Device Management – customize user interface and default settings to match with business requirements
  • Network Settings – re-configure network settings when necessary
  • EP-BB Connectivity – check if you are connected with EP-BB to enjoy predictive, proactive and preventive remote services
  • User Account Management – create accounts for new users and manage users’ access right

User interface:


For step-by-step guidance, please refer to the videos and product manuals on our website.   


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Apart from online training, a whole range of training videos and manuals is ready to assist you to learn using our products step-by-step.  


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Online Training

Online Training Class by Professional Customer Trainer

Our comprehensive customer training covers not only equipment operation, but also applications tailored to your workflows, enabling you to make the most out of what you have with FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong solutions.

Whether you are a user trying to learn more about the multifunction printer, or an administrator looking for the best device management option, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our green solutions help companies reduce carbon footprint, increase productivity and save cost and time. With e-Billing services, you can access your account anytime to view and manage real-time cost portfolio in a paperless environment.  


  • Easy to sign up and start using 
  • e-invoices are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • e-invoices can be retrieved for up to 12 months
  • Customers will receive notifications when new e-invoices are issued

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Smart Workstyle Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and live. From virtual meetings to remote or hybrid working and schooling, technologies play an indispensable part of smart living in the post-pandemic era. Check out these Smart Workstyle tips to keep your office connected and competitive. 

As we see a transition from traditional office environment towards remote working, it is important for SMBs to harness essential resources and hone their skills for growth and opportunities in future.


An e-signature solution to expedite agreement process

  • Create, track and sign contracts in shorter turnaround time
  • Significantly reduce error rate
  • Satisfy legal requirements
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  • Create your app from scratch with over 100 templates sorted by departments and industries
  • Require no coding skills with easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Application examples:
    • HR & Workforce Management
    • Business Operations
    • Customer Support

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A system for managing archives of document images 

  • View and share documents via mobile app
  • Enable real-time encryption and access time limits
  • Facilitate auto document filing and indexing

Dokmee Capture

A system for managing archives of document images 

  • View and share documents via mobile app
  • Enable real-time encryption and access time limits
  • Facilitate auto document filing and indexing

In a world of constant change, the only way for enterprises to stay agile and resilient is through transformation by building a Smart Workstyle. Discover our solutions that empower you to optimize processes, share knowledge and data, and build trusted connections to accelerate business success.

Optimizing Processes Even Further with Hyperautomation

By moving beyond office automation to hyperautomation, enterprises of all sizes can enhance business agility, efficiency and decision making and enable continuous improvement.

Recommended Solutions:

Delivering a Total Experience with Unified Communications

A unified communications strategy can increase revenue, decrease costs, increase brand value, and improve business continuity. Let's look at how our total experience can help businesses grow faster.

Recommended Solutions:

Building Trusted Connections with Cybersecurity Mesh

A reliable Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) can simplify I.T. management and improve collaboration. Our artificial intelligence (A.I.) -powered security framework goes beyond fragmented security, establishing trusted digital connections for the new workstyle.

Recommended Solutions:


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  • High-quality output with speed: Delivers high-quality output for both color and monochrome printing, meeting high-volume printout needs in office.
  • Quick and easy operation: Easy-to-use interface on color touch panel with customization settings to add shortcut keys on the printer’s home page.
  • Wireless printing: Mobile devices such as smartphones/ tablets can be connected for quick and easy printing of documents
  • High-level protection: With safe and secure system settings, we can protect your business against malicious intent of hacking and tampering with devices.

Our paper ordering platform is now open for customers to place and check paper orders, anytime and anywhere. Contact us to create your account now.


  • Pre-set regular orders and delivery time
  • Review your order records anytime
  • 24-hour order placement 

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