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Compose high-margin variable jobs quickly with Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Suite composition tools. Meet your customers' exact requirements for personalisation., quality, and turnaround time-all while making a profit.


In today's competitive business world, companies are turning to personalised communications that deliver unique messaging relevant for each and every recipient to increase customer loyalty and expand their customer base. To produce these high-demand, highly customised jobs, you need powerful tools that can handle complex jobs without impacting your production schedule.

Variable jobs don't have to be difficult. They just have to be profitable.

Now, personalised document production doesn't have to be complex, time-consuming, or costly.
The award-winning Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information (VI) Suite delivers an incredibly fast, personalised printing platform-decreasing the time you spend on document design, file preparation, composition, and output. No matter if you choose hard copy or electronic, colour or monochrome, cut-sheet or continuous feed, FUJIFILM Business Innovation or non-FUJIFILM Business Innovation printers-with the Xerox® FreeFlow VI Suite, your entire operation will be more productive.

Whether you want to:

  • Print hundreds of variable pages or hundreds of thousands
  • Print the job or create PDFs for electronic viewing, archiving, and distribution
  • Print from an SAP® environment
  • Quickly and easily create XML promotional jobs. No programming experience needed.

There is no time wasted in sending huge files to the printer and no costly investment in dedicated composition servers.

You're left with a simple, efficient way to design, compose, and output your high value, short and long-run personalised jobs.

Whether you want to:

Maximum flexibility and speed. Print or e-presentment. FUJIFILM Business Innovation or non-FUJIFILM Business Innovation equipment. Print from SAP® applications. High-volume production or office printers. Create a PDF file or send directly to a printer. Colour or monochrome. Cut-sheet or continuous feed. Advanced or basic designs. Early or late-stage editing. Hundreds or hundreds of thousands of print or e-pages.

Gone are pre-composition bottlenecks and printer slowdowns that impact your productivity.

With dynamic document construction and the ability to incorporate external PDF resources, you'll eliminate pre-composition time, large file transfer time, and RIP time. Produce fully personalised, high impact jobs in minutes instead of hours.

Minimum investment. Whether you're in a cloud environment or network environment, the FreeFlow® VI Suite works within your existing infrastructure. There are no additional client workstations or servers required. You can extend the use of your Adobe® InDesign® software and leverage the full power of PDF files to create variable solutions. Reduce your costs using a common workflow that the VI Suite can provide for all the print engines in your shop and grow your revenue with personalised print and electronic documents.

The Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Suite opens up your workflow by giving you the freedom to choose. You determine what file format and what printer is the best fit for each job. Deliver exactly what your customers are looking for.

Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Suite provides end-to-end support for the PDF and PDF/VT workflow, giving you more design and output capabilities.

  • Unlock the true capabilities of PDF files. Submit jobs to the Adobe® PDF Print Engine® (APPE), giving you access to up-to-date PDF capabilities.
  • Colour transparency support. Create engaging and interesting output using colour transparency. Printed PDF files now match what the designer created on-screen.
  • Interactive PDF functions. Incorporate bookmarks, notes, and links to personalised videos.
  • Media and finishing options. Print select pages on specialty media and the rest of the job on plain media.
  • Incorporate external PDF resources. Store external PDF resources and graphics at the printer, resulting in smaller file sizes, fast transfer time, and improved accuracy.
  • Proofing capabilities. Export a PDF file to a printer or screen for proofing.
  • Get more out of your investment. Enable PDF printing on existing PostScript® printers.

From simple personalised letters to highly sophisticated designs with hundreds of variable elements, the FreeFlow® VI Suite design tools provide more control and options for even the most challenging variable designs. Choose one or both tools to meet your needs.

FreeFlow® VI Design Express

  • Easy to use. No scripting or VIPP® (Variable Information Production Printware) programming knowledge required.
  • Plugs into familiar, industry-standard Adobe® InDesign®, enabling designers to create templates quickly with no additional training or integration of standalone tools.
  • Inserts variable graphics with a simple double click, speeding up the design of personalised jobs.
  • Supports PDF formats as variable resources, enabling design flexibility for background images, forms, and more.
  • Provides convenience and flexibility for workflow and output format. Choose the option that best meets your needs: fully composed PDF or eliminate pre-composition and go right to print with VI Compose.

FreeFlow® VI Design Pro

Provides direct access to the powerful VIPP® language so you can create, view, and edit actual variable document code in an interactive development environment, letting you input sophisticated instructions for more complex designs.

  • Can be used on its own or in conjunction with VI Design Express to provide a balance between simplicity, power, and control.
  • Provides a simultaneous view of the VIPP® code and the WYSIWYG page for a graphical view of how the code will be portrayed.
  • Lets you add sophisticated and unique instructions for customers who need zip sorting, QR codes®, or bar codes.
  • Includes support for your designers and programmers with online help and a powerful smart editor, which includes command editors, keyword searches, and find and replace options, as well as a GUI window with media, viewing, and page reviewing options.

The FreeFlow® VI Suite design tools give you maximum flexibility in creating your variable documents.

Quickly and easily create XML-driven promotional documents using either FreeFlow® VI Design Express or FreeFlow® VI Design Pro. An intuitive user interface means even less experienced designers can create applications that use XML data.

QR codes®/Aztec/UPC

  • Add PDF Interactive Features such as notes, bookmarks, and links to personalised videos and websites.
  • Include QR codes and a variety of barcodes-such as UPC-A, UPC-E and Aztec 2-D-without the need for any printer fonts.

Compose high-margin variable jobs quickly with Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Suite composition tools. Meet your customers' exact requirements for personalisation., quality, and turnaround time-all while making a profit. Now, you can print from SAP® applications or generate hard copy output and PDF files for electronic distribution in one easy step.

FreeFlow® VI eCompose

Flexibility to meet your needs. FreeFlow® VI eCompose operates in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment or a network environment. In a SaaS environment, a Web Job Submission Service interface enables customers to connect to hosted applications. This makes it ideal for customers with a kiosk type of operation. Or, in a network environment, VI eCompose acts as a lights-out 24/7 composition server, providing a range of capabilities:

  • Supports electronic viewing with simple PDF file creation from exactly the same template and data-a single process with two destinations: print and PDF.
  • Creates a range of choices for you and your customers by supporting PDF interactive features and Adobe job security options.
  • Allows job submission clients to integrate into your workflow.
  • Enables you to split master PDFs into child PDF files that can be moved to the next step in your process, such as CRM, Web-based application, or an archiving system.
  • Allows you to link servers together to share a single job submission pool or run multiple instances on the same hardware for cost savings and scalability.

FreeFlow® VI Compose

Incredibly fast. Revolutionary software utilises dynamic document construction (DDC) to compose pages on the fly, at ultra high speeds, right at the printer.

  • Starts printing pages immediately-no matter if your job has ten records or ten thousand-because there is no composition, transport, or RIPing of huge files.
  • Enables last-minute changes to templates or data without impacting throughput or delivery times.
  • Establishes a common variable process throughout your print shop and organisation, allowing you to quickly move variable jobs among your fleet of office, light production, full production, monochrome, colour, cut-sheet, and continuous feed printers at a moment's notice.
  • Delivers statistical information for accounting purposes and job integrity checking.

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Xerox® Specialty Imaging Text is an easy and affordable way to add eye-catching effects and a basic level of fraud protection by using "hidden" text.

Open new markets and deliver new high value, revenue-generating applications-like answer keys, books, flash cards, event passes, wristbands, contracts, ID badges and more-with Xerox® Specialty Imaging Text.

Generate new revenue with Xerox<sup>®</sup> Specialty Imaging Text.

Pre-composition is becoming prehistoric. One of the greatest impacts the Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Suite can make on your operation is achieved through reduced file size and revolutionary dynamic document construction.

In a traditional Variable Data Print (VDP) workflow, a design template is created, and each unique page is composed. The file is then sent to the printer, where it is RIPed and finally, printed.

Consider a 20,000-page job. Each page is composed individually, so after more than an hour, you have a huge file to move to the printer, putting a strain on your network resources. Once the file is transmitted, that same huge file has to be processed and printed. This can be time-consuming, difficult and costly when multiple servers are added to speed things up. With the Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Suite, you simply send your design template and variable data to the printer. Design resources such as PDF, EPS, TIFF, and JPEG objects are cached at the digital front end (DFE) on the printer. You don't have to re-send objects for each job. Smaller file sizes. Faster transfer time. Fewer bottlenecks.

VI Compose constructs each page on the fly and printing starts in minutes. There is no need to compose the individual pages before sending to the printer.

Create personalised and variable documents that get results. Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite gives you document personalisation. without the hassle. Whether for print or electronic distribution, produce sophisticated variable files at high speeds and in real time. You'll spend less time designing, managing, composing and printing and more time growing your business.

More Options for More Opportunities

Xerox® FreeFlow® VI Design Express capabilities open the door for this solution to quickly and easily create everyday transactional and statement-based applications. Adobe® InDesign® and associated variable data applications have historically been considered lower complexity personalisation. The new, more powerful FreeFlow® VI Design Express breaks the mold! Now the simplicity and familiarity of InDesign with FreeFlow® VI Design Express can be used to create base business transactional and statement jobs.

  • Import Prefixed Transactional Data--Customers can import transactional data into InDesign. This is the first step in enabling basic transactional and statement-based application development.
  • Data-Driven Business Graphics--InDesign can be programmed to enable dynamic pie, line, and bar charts. This is the next step in producing transactional jobs.
  • Dynamic Table Support--Statements depend on table-based designs. FreeFlow® VI Design Express advanced table features are the final piece toward enabling everyday transactional job design.

Xerox® FreeFlow VI Design Expressis updated each year to support the latest Adobe Creative Cloud® tool suite features and enhancements.

PDF-fillable forms support and PDF Digital Signaturegive designers the ability to build jobs with these fields and then capture the data after it has been entered by end users.

The Web Job Submission Service (WJSS) with added HTTP communication mechanisms offers high-speed processing of many small jobs in a SaaS environment. In a kiosk-type setting, the Web Job Submission Service enables the fastest possible job turnaround.

Optimised First-Copy-Out Time (FCOT)improves the overall throughput of large Xerox® VIPP® print jobs. The DFE is able to "chunk" large jobs, which means they are split dynamically into smaller jobs- getting printing going faster and keeping the presses running to stay productive. (With the FreeFlow Print Server only.)

More Options for More Opportunities


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