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Wide Format Printers

Seamlessly Integrated Wide Format System for In-house office requirements



High Performance Engineering System
  • Customised Job flow
  • Batch output of multiple drawing data
  • Simplified drawing distribution and control processes
  • Easy data output with optimum image quality
Efficient Workflow
  • Promotes digitisation with high-resolution scanning
  • Uncompromising security with ease of use
  • Secure printing
  • Enhanced authentication function
Smooth Operability
  • Uninterrupted operations
Useful Options
  • Post-processing can be automated
  • Other options


Wide-format device for large size document management.
A true fit to your engineering office requirements of high-precision clean image reproduction, fast output speed, various post-processing finishing options and uncompromising security at its heart.

MF model MF model

Customised Job flow

Multi-job sort

This feature allows you to copy documents with not only different quantities but also with different settings by destination. (Destination: Up to 20 addresses/Quantity: Up to 99 copies).

  • Note: For ApeosWide 6050 MF model only. This feature is not available on ApeosWide 3030

Multi-job sort

Batch output of multiple drawing data

Easily print out with multiple requirements

Improve work performance and save time by simple drag and drop function to submit data files for printing as part of batch processing with BT-Plot Assistant*. Print parameters, device status and print results can be checked easily on the PC itself.

  • Optional.

Functions of BT-PlotAssistant Functions of BT-PlotAssistant

Simplified drawing distribution and control processes

Stamp/Date Copying

Electronic stamp can be added on the printed sheet.
Up to 99 stamp patterns created on a PC can be registered. It eliminates the need to manually stamp drawings before distribution.

  • Note: An optional Stamp KIT is required.

Stamp/Date Copying

  • Note: The above stamp is image. Check the actual stamps on the device.

Easy data output with optimum image quality

Reproducing clear fine lines and small texts (high resolution at 1,200 dpi)

Easy to read or correct print outs of drawings and text with reproduction of fine lines and small texts using new LED print head with a high performance light-emitting device.

EA-Eco LGK toner suitable for printing drawings

Sharp and clear drawings which are easy on the eyes can be reproduced with the gloss-suppressed EA-Eco LGK toner.

"Sample Copy" Function

"Sample Copy" function can be used to check how your copy will turn out.

  • Note: An optional Color Scan Memory KIT is required for the ApeosWide 3030 model.

"Sample Copy" Function

Long Paper Copying

Long documents of up to 15 m*, such as drawings for roads and railroad tracks, can be copied in a batch.

  • Plain paper

Promotes digitisation with High Resolution Scanning

A0 600 dpi Scanning

Vibrant colour scanning of A0 size documents at 600dpi. To prevent scanning mistakes, you can preview scanned images first. Loading next document in the scanner immediately starts document scanning, which makes it useful even when you are scanning multiple documents.

  • Note: An optional Color Scan Memory KIT is required for full colouring scanning of the ApeosWide 3030 model.

View preview View preview

Zoom to display the drawing information Zoom to display the drawing information

Scan to PC

Scanned drawings can be stored directly to your PC (SMB shared folder) on the network. TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and DocuWorks formats are supported.

Scan (URL)

Scanned drawings are temporarily saved in the device and you are sent an email with a URL for retrieving saved ones. This feature enables you to retrieve scanned drawings via a web browser when data size is too large to be sent as an email attachment.

  • Note: Only when using authentication
Concurrent scanning and printing

Eliminate waiting time and increases operational productivity by performing scan and print at the same time.

Scan to Folder

Documents can be saved to a folder in the device and imported from a PC. By registering the folder in DocuWorks Desk*, scanned and saved documents can be checked in form of thumbnails.

  • Separately sold software "DocuWorks" is required

DocuWorks Desk

Uncompromising security with ease of use

Efficient scanning

To improve workflow efficiency, multi-send scan allows you to save and print a file simultaneously with a single scan operation. Print to other multifunction printers on the same network is selectable.

Efficient scanning

Secure Printing

Private Charge Print

Prevents misprints left on the device, and protects the privacy of the users' print jobs by authenticating with the device first before seeing their print jobs.

  • Note: The authentication mode must be enabled.

Private Charge Print

Password security

Password can be set when scanning and directly saving DocuWorks or PDF documents to your PC. Restrictions can be imposed to allow only specific users to view and print documents.

Supports secure communication with TLS1.3*

TLS1.3 provides enhanced privacy and performance of networked communications.

  • Transport Layer Security
Data encryption (Data tampering prevention)

Encrypts data and prevents data tampering.


You can print text on the background of the document to prevent copying of confidential documents.


Two separate connections in one device

Prevents sharing of confidential documents in the same device by using the secondary ethernet kit to allow users to share and use the same device for printing in two completely independent network environments.

Two separate connections in one device

Enhanced Authentication Function


Prevent access of unauthorised users by authentication with the user data in the device or in an external server.

IC Card authentication*

Deters unauthorised users from operating and accessing the device by allowing users to authenticate with the device with a tap of the IC Card. Like multifunction printers for office, you can also use the device without authentication by holding an IC card over a card reader.

  • Optional.

Uninterrupted operations

Improves productivity of printed drawings

Maintains excellent continuous print speed and output quality, even during long runs.

  A0 A1 LEF
ApeosWide 6050 5.0 sheets/minute 9.7 sheets/minute
ApeosWide 3030 3.2 sheets/minute 7.0 sheets/minute
Automates system administration with EP-BB* light

Maximise productivity and minimise downtime by connecting the device with our EP centre via encrypted internet lines.

  • EP-BB: Enterprise Broad Band service

[Automatic meter reading]
The machine automatically notifies the meter counts on the preset date and time daily and monthly.

[Updating to the latest version of the controller software]
The latest version of the controller software is downloaded as needed, allowing updating the device. This has two methods, which are manual updating by the system administrator via the control panel and automatic updating with date/time specified beforehand.

New and refreshed UI panel

10.1-inch colour LCD panel with excellent visibility.

New and refreshed UI panel

Space-saving inner output

Paper sizes up to A1 size (LEF in case of A1 sizes) can be handled from the internal output tray of the device main body.

  • Note: Optional Paper Catch Tray (Front) is required for A0 / A1 SEF of the ApeosWide 3030 model.

Output tray

ApeosWide 6050

1. Paper Catch Tray (Front)*
A tray for storing printed paper to the front of the device.
2. Document Catch Tray (Rear)*
A tray for storing originals outputted to the rear of the device in flat condition.
Manual Feed Guide
Guide used for manual paper feed
Scan Counter KIT

A document counter that can be reset.

  • Note: Option for the ApeosWide 6050.
Color Scan Memory KIT*
Enables the black-and-white scanner of ApeosWide 3030 MF to be upgraded to colour scanner.
Stamp KIT
A digital stamp that is printed on the output paper in black-and-white.
  • Option for ApeosWide 3030.



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